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Beauties And The Beasts Essay

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Good vs Evil
In The Lord of the Flies there is a constant battle between the good and the evil throughout the entire book. During the story you can observe many situations in which the boys struggle between good and evil, like how the boys treat the island bad when the island represents good, Jack and Ralph’s relationship, and Simons’ death. Most of the boys concluded into the evil side, but some of them stayed true to themselves and stood up for the good.
The island the young boys landed on had a lot to offer. Although, they did not treat it with respect. Ralph says "We were going to have water brought from the stream and left in those coconut shells. So it was, for a few days. Now there's no water"(Golding 79) In this sequence, Ralph is talking about the concern which sat somewhere in each of the boy's minds. Water was provided for them by the island but their greed, pushed them to drink it all. The author explains "He came to the smashed acres of fruit and ate ...view middle of the document...

To illustrate this Piggy says "I'm scared of him, that's why I know him. If your scared of someone you hate him but you can't stop thinking about him." (Golding 93) This shows that Jack puts fear into the other boys. Ralph throughout the story tries to do what is good for the entire group, "We can't keep one fire going. And they don't care. And what's more,I don't sometimes." (Golding 139), this shows that Ralph tries to do what's good but as the story goes on he is losing the will to do so. Jack and Ralph are battling each other throughout the story. "He... gazed at the black and green face before him, trying to remember what Jack looked like" (Golding 178), this shows the conflict between Jack and Ralph as Jack was hunting Ralph for going against his tribe and refusing to join. With Ralph representing good it shows the boys transformation from good to evil as he loses power to Jack.
The significance of Simon's death showed the characteristics of both good and evil. Simon represents Jesus on the island because he is the only person that stayed innocent throughout the book.When he dies it represents Jesus dying on the cross for everyone's sins. In the book the Lord of the Flies Jack said “Did you see your not wanted” (Golding 144) this symbolizes how Jesus was not wanted so they killed him. Also after Simon’s death the island became civil for a short moment. The evil of Simon’s death is that as the boys were about to kill him they didn’t take any time to see who or what it was they were killing. For example when Jack said “I’m warning you I’m going to get angry” (Golding 144), it demonstrated the evilness in the boys starting to appear. Another thing that represented evil is when it says “Nothing prospered but the flies who blackened their lord” (Golding 146), the flies represent something dark and evil because they feed off the dead. Overall Simon represented what was good and the way he was killed was killed by the others was evil.
The author of the Lord of the Flies incorporated the theme “Good vs. Evil" into this book. As you can see there are many instances in this book that represent Good vs. Evil; like how the boys treat the island bad when the island represents good, Jack and Ralph’s relationship, and Simons’ death.

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