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Beautiful And Ugly Essay

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Expressing oneself can often be a difficult task. Choosing whether printed word, oral presentation, or artistic endeavors are the most suited media can often be difficult. Often, however, more than one media may be used. An example of this is in the expression of an image. Images can be created through the use of printing or by using figurative language and tone. An image can also be expressed through artwork such as paintings and sculptures. Aside from both being used for commercial reasons, they are meant to express a feeling or idea they had within themselves.The two images that I have chosen are a cd cover from the band Garbage and a picture that Marylin Manson painted. They are in my opinion very similar but different in many ways.The Garbage cd cover is a picture of a big red rose with the words Beautiful Garbage right in the middle of the flower. The Manson picture is also a flower with its stem. These pictures are related to one another because they both have something to do with music and they have their main focus as a flower. They are also popular artists of today.When you look at a picture the first thing that you look at is the biggest object or the most colorful. The picture of the rose is one of two things in the picture and it happens to be the biggest. This is what you would call the "center of attention" of the picture. The other only thing on the picture is the words Beautiful Garbage. There are also numerous little, what it looks like, pieces of square flower scattered around in the shape of different flower pedals.The painting from Marylin Manson has a very different image than the first picture. It is a picture of a flower that stands alone. This flower has a white crackly wall in the background. The paper that this was painted on has a ripped outer edge. The edges look like the paper was old and worn.Colors have a very important role when you try to analyze or interpret a picture. Every picture is done that way for a reason. The garbage cd is a big red rose. The whole picture is full of pink, red and white colors. These colors make you think of beauty, love, and happiness and make you feel energetic, and...

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568 words - 2 pages alone. People only strive for becoming beautiful because they want attention. As is the case in Toni Morrison’s story. The characters in her story think that they are ugly , by others opinions of them , and want to become beautiful so they will be recognized and be the center of attention. But the harder both characters try, the worse things get. 	 Pauline strived for beauty because she wanted to attention and wanted to be beautiful

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1084 words - 5 pages group. Beautiful girls also have to deal with the jealousy of other girls who are not as beautiful as they are. Jealousy is a mean and ugly emotion. Often a beautiful girl will not have many female friends because the average girls see the beautiful girl as a threat. For instance, if group of girls go out for a night on the town, perhaps to a club, the beautiful girl will get the attention of guys while the average girls will be left standing

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1347 words - 5 pages the matters of love, had asked him the same series of questions before. This leads Socrates to ask Diotima, `if Love is neither beautiful nor good, is it ugly and bad?' Diotima says no, because the nature of love is in between the opposites of ugly and beautiful, good and bad. "He is not good and not beautiful, as you admit yourself, but do not imagine for that reason any the more that he must be ugly and bad, but something between these

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522 words - 3 pages right mind wants an ugly wife because the world today has guys growing up tenebrous and going on appearance only. Me personally, I want a wife that is beautiful in my eyes and if that is the only way she is beautiful then so be it, and also loyal.So as you can see, the Wife of Bath tale can be told today and still have the same effect on people because everything in this story can still be related to events happening today.

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1349 words - 5 pages ugly woman that she becomes beautiful and they live happily ever after. The Wyf marries men like the knight. She will "no lenger in the bed abyde,/ If that I felte his arm over my syde,/ Til he had maad his raunson unto me"(WP 410). He must give in to her, leaving her in complete control of the marriage, before she makes him happy. Furthermore, the Wyf of Bathe's aspirations parallel those of the queen in her tale. The queen is what the Wyf

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992 words - 4 pages choice especially after her lecture. In the end of the story the Knight is faced with the choice of either having a ugly and old but beautiful woman on the inside or having a beautiful, young woman on the outside and ugly on the inside. The question is a very intriguing question especially considering first of all how the Knight had treated her and what kind of lecture she gave him before she asked him this question. The old lady says in lines 365

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