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1. This story takes place in a small town called Gatlin, located in South Carolina. It is located near the Santee River valley. In the book, the author states that, “I used to think our town, buried in the South Carolina backwoods, stuck in the muddy bottom of the Santee River valley, was the middle of nowhere.”(Garcia and Stohl 1) There are also many other minor places in the book, that are located within the town of Gatlin. Some of the constant places where the characters go are the library, the ‘Jackson High school’, the ‘lunae libre’, the lake, and the restaurant Dar-ee-keen. The story also takes place in Old London Streets in a time travel, where some of the main characters had reached in search of Lena (another main character). The text also states, “I was lying in a city street that looked like London or an old town right out of a history book”. (Garcia and Stohl 195) This is when Ethan, the main character and the narrator of the story reaches into a Caster tunnel and finds himself under the night sky instead of a tunnel. Another major Setting is the Caster tunnels, where many of the secrets conceal and is dangerous, especially for a mortal. “You can’t go after her. It’s too dangerous. There are Casters and creatures of unfathomable power in those Tunnels.” (Garcia and Stohl 191) This shows that there is a lot that can happen in this place, which are the tunnels and is dangerous to mortals and this is an important part of the plot and the setting.
The story takes place during summer, after school has ended. On pg.77, the text states that, “Check it out. Bikini season. Link grinned. I had almost forgotten. We were only an exam away from an afternoon at the lake. Everyone who was anyone was wearing bathing suits under their clothes today, since summer didn’t officially start until you had taken your first swim off the shores of Lake Moultrie.” This fact that almost everyone is wearing a bathing suit or a bikini, it clearly tells the reader that the author is trying to tell that it is summer now, and the last day of exam and school (based on the overall context).

2. The mood of the story is mostly suspenseful, since the context of the book makes the reader stay on the edge! This is because the author uses words, that are full of mystery and the plot and/or the ending is not easily predictable. For instance, the novel has a song, “Eighteen Moons” here the words make it seem like there is a huge twist about to happen in the book: “Eighteen Moons, eighteen spheres, From the world beyond the years, One Unchosen, death or birth, A broken Day awaits the Earth.” (Garcia and Stohl 500)
This is suspenseful and keeps the...

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