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Beauty And Body Image Essay

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Look at all the images we see with tanned, shiny, thin bodies glowing and shimmering; the women with perfect jaw lines, makeup, and whose faces that never really age for many years that have passed them, yet they stay as beautiful as ever. Does any of it make sense or sounds familiar? The results lead to many women spending thousands of money and time to make themselves a beauty queen. Toddlers, teens, and women are drawn into what the media portrays of an ideal woman: unhealthy and its body image. We are so caught up with the media and it’s “perfection” we see in it, it is self destruction.
Toddlers and teens are being sexualized too much at a young age. They participate in beauty pageants. Their needs and wants are higher than usual, they want to look good, and act like a woman. One of their biggest dreams is to become a super model when they grow up. Everything they want to be is what they are seeing on TV and what we are as role models to them. According to the article Teen Health and the Media, “In a survey of girls 9 and 10 years old, 40% have tried to lose weight, according to an ongoing study funded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.” Not only beauty and body images are affecting children but also boys and adults are too. They will only learn to appreciate women only for sex appeal, increase of harassment, and demand for child pornography. It is devastating to our society and what has brought forth to the generations.
The media has standards that are unfeasible for what the children and women are seeking for, “normal” body weight, and how your appearance should look like. Everyday the media is revealing more and more. The beauty and body image of a person is constantly changing and everyone does their best to keep up with it. Commercials of dieting are on repeat. Magazines of gorgeous woman are being published and sold everywhere. Actresses and actors talks about what they should look like in a movie, or how they even came to looking like that. There are billboards of these beauty images everywhere and are even embedded into our brain. With the...

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