Beauty And The Beast: The Untold Meaning

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The tale “Beauty and the Beast” by Madame Leprince de Beaumont provides the ability for various audiences to read the tale and have different interpretations of what it could mean. When children read the tale they may just see it as a girl’s unconditional love for her father and her having to live with a beast which magically becomes a prince. A more profound way of looking at the tale would be to look at it with a Freudian perspective. Sigmund Freud believes that all girls go through the electra stage of development which is when young girls want to have sex with their opposite sex parent. The tale also touches on narcissism which means that the character only cares about themselves ...view middle of the document...

Her connection with her father is too strong to be compromised by another male figure. She can only identify with her father because of the electra connection she has with her father. When she is forced to live with the Beast she denies his offers as well. The Beast used to ask “Beauty, will you be my wife…no, Beast!”(Beaumont 178). She maintains a asexual relationship with the Beast. This means that they are people which are forced to live together but there is no sexual connection between the too beings.
Secondly, Beauty initially was not narcissistic but once she met the Beast she became narcissistic until she was reunited with her father. Before Beauty is forced to live with the Beast she has no need or want for things which she does not desire. “However much I cry, I shall not recover my wealth, so I must try to be happy without it” (Beaumont 172). When she starts to live with the Beast, the Beast starts to give her whatever she pleases. “Ask for anything you wish: you are mistress of all here” (Beaumont 177). According the Bruno Bettelheim, this is a fantasy which most children have. This suggests that Beauty is portrayed to have a childish perception over things. The electra complex is found in children which are not yet matured and that are not ready for marriage. Since Beauty does act in this way, it suggests that Beauty has this narcissistic dependency to fill the void which she has due to her having to abandon her father to live with the Beast. She starts to get comfortable living this way until she no longer finds it enjoyable. When her father became ill she had so great a desire to see [her] father again that [she] shall die of grief if [he] refuse [her] this boon” (Beaumont 178). This final demand shows her narcissistic dependency no longer needs fulfillment because her electra connection to her father fills the void.
Thirdly, once Beauty is able to loosen her electra ties with her father she is able to see the Beast as her prince. After spending time away from the Beast she realized how much she needed him. “Dear Beast you shall not die…you shall live and become my husband. Here and...

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