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Beauty And The Bloke By Cosmo Landesman And Breaking Free Of Oldfashioned Stereotypes

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Beauty and the Bloke by Cosmo Landesman and Breaking Free of Oldfashioned Stereotypes

"Beauty and the bloke" by Cosmo Landesman is an argumentative article
trying to put across the message that men and women are breaking free
of old fashioned stereotypes, he is trying to convey the message that
it's the nineties, men no longer have to be macho and hairy! They are
no longer afraid or ashamed to care for their appearances, even if it
means cosmetic surgery! Women to are also making a stand, no longer
will they stand silent being made to look good by men, women are now
"prepared to give the men they love a shove in the direction of the
cosmetic surgeon" Landesman throughout the article, puts across the
message that women are to blame for men's insecurities in their
appearances. They are also to blame for the rise in men undergoing
cosmetic surgery, for starting the male trend of waxing and wearing
perfume. It is quite a controversial article and at first it gives us
the impression that Landesman feels negatively towards the "£240
million beauty industry for men" saying "is nothing sacred any more"
but throughout the article Landesman warms up to the idea of "the
nineties man and beauty". Towards the end of the article Landesman
even gets quite personal, and to the surprise of the reader states
"for the love of my wife I'd even get my legs waxed!"

The writer uses surprise endings to keep the writer interested e.g.,
"perfume, waxing, cosmetic surgery….nineties man…his body image" when
perfume and waxing are mentioned the reader automatically thinks of
women, but gets quite a shock to discover that the writer is talking
about men!

"When my moment of truth came, I took it like a man…non stop
snivelling, sulking and self-pity" when "took it like a man" was said,
snivelling and sulking aren't exactly what comes to mind!

There are many more examples of surprise endings to sentences. I think
Landesman uses surprise endings because it gives the article a certain
edge to it, it's not what the reader expects and it intrigues the

Landesman uses many humorous visual descriptions throughout the piece,
e.g. "get my belly surgically removed…"and "more lines than British
rail ways" and "sitting in bathtubs of seaweed". These help the reader
to use his/her imagination to show the length some men will go to, to
achieve "beauty". They also create humour and keep the reader

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