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Have you ever wondered what the perfect body composition would be? Aside from “what is on the inside is what counts” have you honestly ever thought to your see that you knew that there were certain areas of your body that you could fix? That is what a majority of young people deal with every day from when they wake up to when they go to bed. A never ending battle going on inside of their heads. A battle between themselves, and a monster; anorexia. Anorexia can be a life or death situation, especially in young 12- 15 year old girls who are still developing physically and mentally. As early as middle school, young girls are influenced to try anything to be beautiful, such as sites known as ...view middle of the document...

To be beautiful you had to be a size zero, with long toned legs, and a tiny waist. The more and more that things like this are fed to the population, the more and more that these advertisers are not realizing what they are owing to America, they are destroying this nation. They are destroying the youth.
A new trend that has sprouted in the internet over that last couple of years are websites known as “pro anorexia” websites. These website allow many groups of individuals to get together and support each other in their disorder. They get together to compare how many calories they have consumed in a day, the highest amounts being under 500. there are some instances where if certain individuals passed a certain calorie intake they would actually make themselves purge, which in other words means that they would binged on empty calories, allowing themselves to have everything that they wanted and then forcefully make themselves throw it all up or buy tons of laxatives to help relieve their bowls of any food possible. Please examine the following image every carefully:
Nouvelle. De La Salpetriere. 1900.

This is what anorexia nervosa can lead to. Especially in younger girls this seems to be an occurring problem with girls ranging in the ages of 10 to 18. Some even as young as 8 years old. Anorexia can lead to divesting physical effects on the human body. “Bone density and bone metabolism can change dramatically throughout adolescence, and the onset of [anorexia] during this time may interfere with achievement of the peak bone mass. In addition significant changes to the body weight and composition, pubertal development, and pubertal hormones can lead to” ( Soyka, Leslie, and Steven Grinspoon ) .Not only that, “[An] Abnormally slow heart rate and low blood pressure [is an effect of bulimia] which mean that the heart muscle is changing. The risk for heart failure rises as the heart rate and blood pressure levels sink lower and lower.” ( NEDA).
The body doesn’t have enough steam to blow when it enters starvation mode, making muscles weak and incapable of abundant amounts of physical activity. In Orlando Florida there was a girl by the name of Rebecca as Stated in the Orlando Sentinal, a cheerleader at Taveras high school who decided to starve herself in order to achieve a slimmer body for cheer season. Besides the fact that she was already thin enough, she was not even capable of the physical activities gulch as gymnastic and aerobics that are involved with cheerleading. She ended up hospitalized and being forced fed through a tube because she did not even stand the site of food. Her body was decaying from the inside out, her hair was starting to fall out do to the lack of nutrition and karatin that is necessary for hair growth.
Anorexia not only affects the body structure, but also the structure of the mind. Please takes a moment to examine the image below where you shall see the difference between a regular functioning brain, and one that has...

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