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Beauty In The Media Essay

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Media has profound impact on human’s belief and attitude as they are conveying a barrage of messages to us every day. Nonetheless, negative influence may be imposed on people if media try to promote something unattainable: attractive appearance and perfect body shape for example. Indeed, the unattainable beauty hyped by the media has posed negative health and mental consequences to many people. According to Bordo (2003), slimness is perhaps one of the most desirable features to beauty portrayed in the media. In this paper, thinness is described as the criterion promoted by the advertising industry to be beautiful. In this essay, possible health and psychological problems of pursuing the ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, promoting thinness by the media has posed serious health consequences to people.

Apart from the health consequences, people are stressed to be skinny. Being bombarded by the advertising industries that slender is coequal to beauty, people are likely to be under pressure to be as skinny as possible. An experiment carried by Stice, Spangler, & Agra (2001) shows that people with higher exposure to fashion magazine will have a higher chance to have depression, they also tend to be dissatisfied with their body shape. It is possible for people to connect their actual physical appearance with those shown in the advertisements, However, they may find that they are extremely chunky compared to the needlelike models appeared in the media, they will then feel stressed and have the feelings of shame and guilt. Eventually, they will be under pressure to be slender and suffer from low self-esteem. In this sense, people are suffering psychologically when they receive messages of ideal beauty from the advertising industries.

Pressure to be ultrathin is affecting many people. With advancement in technological level, it is much easier for people to get access to the information provided by the media. More and more people will internalize the message to accept them to be the truth. A research conducted by Marketdata Enterprises (2012) found that sales for weight-loss products has rocketed to 61.56 billion in the USA, while the number of dieters has reached to 108 million in the USA. A research conducted by Trend Monitor in 2009 shows that one in five women in Seoul had undergone plastic surgery. With the flooding amount of weight-loss products and increasing people undergoing plastic surgery, it is believed that numbers of people deceived by the media and believe that thinness is equivalent to beauty have increased....

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