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Beauty Is Pain Essay

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Beauty is pain. Isn’t it? From hair and nails to skin care and pedicures, a women wants to feel beautiful inside and out. Women would go through just about anything to have the perfect eyebrow, manicure, and much more. Often what women envy most in other women is the genes of long beautiful hair.

Each year new beauty trends come up and influence the society into trying them. Ever spent hours in a hair salon? How about a nail salon? Some woman can last hours in a chair to feel beautiful and nothing feels better than having the hair and nails all done.

The most popular cosmetic trend around are hair extensions. Although they are a popular and beautiful trend in the cosmetology world ...view middle of the document...

Hair extensions are a great way to enhance one’s appearance. Some people do not want to wait for their hair to grow out. Maybe they do not like short hair or their hair grows slower than average. Another reason why women might want to wear extensions is because they want to add streaks of color without applying harsh chemicals such as hair dye to the hair because it might damage their natural hair. Hair extensions can also hide a bad haircut. The extensions blend in with the natural hair according to color and texture. It boosts self esteem the same way makeup or clothes do. It makes one feel better about how they look and present themselves to others.

Although the hair extensions are very helpful and useful, they cause bad effects on the scalp and hair. Tight slick hairstyles, constant pulling from the hairline, excessive heat, and excessive coloring of the hair are all leading causes in the breakage of each strand and of scalp irritation. Alopecia areata runs in a family history or it can actually happen to someone by reason. “It is a very common and very distressing disease to these patients.” says Leonard Sperling, a medical examiner from the article “Use of Hair Weaves May Be Linked to Alopecia” by Damian McNamara. The disease is not easy to deal with so one should think again about using hair extensions for a long period of time.After using them for a long period of time, your hair can become weak and fragile.

On the other hand, not only do the extensions cause physical effects, they also cause emotional effects. Some people rely on wigs or hair extensions to make them feel better about themselves. Once having the extensions for a long period of time and without special care, they become loosened and begin to break. Hair loss can affect self esteem, mood, communication in person, and relationships. It can also make a person isolate themselves from others.

"The weight of extensions can put additional stress on the roots, so it's important to match hair density to avoid unnecessary tension on natural hair," says Conner from the article “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Hair Extensions by Lindsay Colameo. In other words, if you have fine hair, your extensions should be a lighter density; those who have thicker, more coarse strands should look for hair with medium density. Placement is also essential. "Extensions should be placed where hair is strongest," says Chabbi from the article listed above. "Avoid areas along the hairline or the back of the neck, where hair is the most fragile."

Since the extensions are applied right at the beginning (root) of the hair, when they are too tight, they begin to damage the hair right from the start.”It has an emotional and physical toll that I think is underappreciated." says Sperling. Of course the natural hair grows back, but once the damage of the hair follicle is permanent one cannot undo it. Emotional effects that can occur is depression, anger, or stress. Stress can be another...

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