Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Media: : Does Society’s Influence In Beauty Cause Psychological Disorders Among Women?

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She looks in the mirror and sighs, “If only I was prettier”. She steps on the weighing scale and sighs, “If only I was thinner.” You look around her room and there you see stashes of magazines, one with Miranda Kerr on the cover, featuring 10 ways to be beautiful, 10 ways to look thinner and another with Angelina Jolie featuring 7 make up tricks to make him notice you, 10 ways to achieve that model body. She turns on the TV and the Victoria Secret Fashion Show was on, there she sees models in lingerie on the runway, she turns to another channel and then a TV show about plastic surgery was on. Finally, she opens her social networking account and there she sees stunning girls getting a huge amount of appraisal for a single selfie, photos of celebrities being shared by millions of people. Suddenly, she felt a sinking feeling inside of her. If only I was as beautiful as they, people would like me, I would be happy, and everything would just be perfect. She has had enough. She hated how she looked, she hated her body, and she is now determined to eat less and less amounts of food until she gets that seemingly perfect body. At times she gets tempted but it is okay because she can purge it afterwards anyway. Years and years, months and months of purging and suddenly she realized what was at stake. Her health was deteriorating, and before she knew it she was in the middle of a battle with Anorexia, Bulimia and depression. She feels depressed of what she has become. All of this, just for the sake of achieving that model body. The sad fact is that it all boils down to a craving that everyone has inside of them. Whether big or small, it is a craving that cannot be denied. It is a craving to be accepted, to look pleasing in the eyes of the society. People color their hair, curl their hair, put on make-up, and wear clothes that are “in” for the same reason- to look pleasing in the eyes of society. Somehow, we all hate being judged. We act in a way that people would view us as someone who is pleasing, someone who is likeable, and someone who is beautiful.
The constant struggle to live up to society’s standard of beauty, which for some is the only key to confidence and acceptance, leaves teenagers not only with self-hatred but also with emotional and psychological disorders. Somehow, society dictates a standard only a people can live up to- an incredibly impossible standard. Sometimes, they even set false standards just to lure people into thinking that this is what they should be to look be considered as beautiful. Unfortunately, a lot of people try to live up to that standard. They pay too high a price in trying to achieve this standard even if in turn, this would create in them a fear of gaining weight, self-hatred, and depression.
Beauty is defined as a set of qualities a person has which are pleasurable to the senses. We all have our own perceptions of beauty. We can determine by ourselves who is beautiful just by looking at a person and whenever we...

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