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Beauty Isn't Pretty Essay

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“Based on statistics about 5,000 child beauty pageants are held every year and about 250,000child contestants are participating” (Occupy Theory). Beauty pageants obtain the purpose of growing skills and confidence for contestants. Over the years, beauty pageants have gone over the top for young contestants because parents will do anything to win even if it means exposing their child. Beauty pageants may bring the physical beauty out of your children but pageantry is only neglecting your child because it brings these negative effects and pageants are only teaching children that the physical beauty will get them anywhere in life.
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Beauty pageants neglect children emotionally, mentally, and physically and teach horrible lessons for them to learn from as they grow up.
With pageants, pageantry teaches harsh life lessons for young participants as they grow up. Argued by a reporter, “Pageants convince girls at a young age that external beauty is more important than the quality of their character” (Katsikas). Young girls will get the idea that their beauty can lead to their success and not understand that skills lead to careers and then success. Potter comments that “Beauty pageants focus on materialism and superficiality.” Young participants will think the more materialistic things they hold it will make them winners and make other participants jealous and insecure of themselves thus losing focus in the pageant. Observed backstage, “Tantrums and meltdowns… teach children that their primary source of worth is how many pageants they win and how “beautiful” they are perceived to be” (Villines). Tantrums and meltdowns will teach the child that making a big fuss can get them whatever they please. With kids throwing tantrums, kids believe tantrums are like their good luck charm for winning and parents are lost in the competition and believe that their meltdowns are a substantial hint of winning a title. Kids will not know how to make a living and be independent if they can’t learn at a young age that throwing tantrums and outer beauty isn’t everything important in life.
Although beauty pageants teach kids how to be confident in their performance, beauty pageants still affect children in a harsh matter. Noted by a pageant dress online shop, “Through pageants, toddlers may become interested in taking dance or singing lessons, or discover something else they love to do” ( However, at the age contestants are entering, contestants do not fully understand what’s going on nor are able to identify their own interests and hobbies (Katsikas). Illustrated by, “Pageants...

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