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The Beauty of America
Do you think there is such thing as real beauty or is it just an idea created by society? We believe that beauty is one way and that if you do not follow or fit the criteria, then you are not beautiful because you don’t meet the standards. Media gives us their view of what beauty is and how to define it. The media influences what beauty is but then the media’s view of beauty is not the only one. What we seem to think beauty is, is something that we want to have or want to be like because we think that is the right beauty, but is it really? The magazine models we see are tall, skinny, and light skinned that is what we are told is beauty because they are able to be on a runway and covers of magazines. The beauty seen in the magazines and on runway may be beauty to some people but for others it’s not beauty because reality is that not how everyone looks like in America. For me trying to look like the models was not something I want to do because I already was skinny but I was not tall or light skin. I more than anything didn’t used to like how I looked before I got to college because I was really skinny and boney. To me that was not beautiful because I felt that I really didn’t have a figure because just about all my sisters have figure and I was the only really skinny one and was called boney. So for me beauty is having curves and being happy with your body not what the media portrays as beauty. The magazine models and runway models are what we are told beauty is because they are able to be on a runway and covers of magazines. Beauty is limited to look one certain way and that being, a model on a cover of a magazine. It makes it hard for people who don’t look like that to have a dream to be on a magazine or runway. People have gone to extremes to meet the criteria of what us as people look upon as beauty on magazines and TV. The media needs to show what real beauty is in people of different ages, sizes and different ethnicities.
The media has impact the way the world defines beauty because of what they show beauty is to them is what society thinks is beauty. The way beauty is defined is how girls feel they need to be in order to fit the definition. The beauty in America is seem to be define in precise way because the skinnier you are the more beautiful you are. Beauty for the media can change with time because beauty is constantly changing according to Rebecca Johnson in her article “Walking A Thin Line” she quotes Arthur Elgort, “Then about two or three years ago the average size of the models seemed to slip again from a size 2 to a size 0”. (Rebecca Johnson, 243) What was seen as average size and normal which was a size two was not anymore because the new average size became zero. Which was now what was expect of what the models need to look like and the size they need to fit into to be seen as beautiful because that what the fashion designers wanted. The need to want to reach the size zero was becoming a goal because...

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