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Beauty Of Change Essay

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Descriptive Essay Beauty of Change I lived in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, for a few years after high school. The natural scenery of this area is breathtaking. I would relax on my balcony, have my morning coffee and absorb my surroundings. I particularly enjoyed the varying beauty of a specific item in my back yard. The magnificence of the Northern Elm tree is a ritual of change. The exciting spring awakening, the leisurely fall striptease and the tranquil winter hibernation are essential cycles in the beauty of the Northern Elm.As the spring season arrives, the Northern Elm wakes from its winter nap. From the base of the trunk to the highest branches, the considerable elm takes shape. A course, brownish-gray skin covers the massive trunk and thin branches. The branches reach into the sun-drenched sky, as though they are taking a morning stretch. The dark, green, slender leaves cling to the branches and blanket the tree, so only a small portion of the trunk is exposed. The leaves are smooth on the top and have soft hairs on the underside, much like a man's beard. Bright yellow veins run down the middle of each leaf connecting them to the nourishing branches. As the warm spring breezes flow, the soft, sweet smells of the elm's tiny, yellow flowers travel the yard. The blossoms grow clustered along the irregular branches in the early spring. The elm thrives and rejuvenates though the spring. During the late spring, it produces seeds contained in red, hair-covered, tapering pods that drop to the ground during the summer and fall.Unlike people, the Northern Elm does not dress for the imminent cool weather. Instead, it sheds its attire in anticipation of the bitter months ahead. As the crisp fall air arrives, the elm slowly strips away its layers. First, the...

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