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Beauty Of God And The Holy Cross

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Suppose that you were standing by a beach at sunset and you become deeply moved and utter the words, "This is beautiful, this is glorious." You are ultimately pleased by a feeling that we as a culture refer to this response as, beauty. A feeling that possesses an enormous power to touch us deeply while holding a tremendous potential to grip and transform us. For beauty stirs and satisfies our deepest longings as well as attracting us, provoking our adoration, and inviting us to adorn ourselves with its luster. Indeed, our society naturally celebrates beauty automatically through experiences that arouse affections for that which we find attractive.

But what is it that poses us to allow us to obtain such a feeling? The reason for this, I think, is that there is in every person a God given sense that beauty must have meaning that is larger and more enduring than short felt satisfaction. That this urge for ultimate meaning is evidence of God’s creation of beauty. Therefore, if God has created all things and has given everything its form and its purpose, then I define beauty as a relation to God. For to know God is know beauty, to know beauty is to know God. Just as God is the source of all truth and goodness, God is also the source of all beauty. God is the Supreme Artist – the Creator of all. Thus, everything that is beautiful reflects God’s artistry. The Church Father, Hilary of Poitiers, wrote: “Surely the author of all created beauty must himself be the beauty in all beauty.”

Born and raised a strong Catholic, I feel God’s presence in my everyday life and I am blessed to be encompassed with this company. His power in my life allows me to unquestionably declare him as the sole individual who most represents beauty. I believe this because, if the beauty we observe on earth has its root and origin in God, there must have been beauty in God from all eternity. To me, defining the beauty of God is a difficult but simple task at the same time. It is difficult because there is no evidence reflecting beauty in which we can say that, “God is like that, and so God is beautiful." Yet, if there were an evidential pattern that we could measure God, it would and could only be God. Hence, it is simple because beauty is what God is. His wisdom is beautiful wisdom, his power is beautiful power, his justice is beautiful justice, and his love is beautiful love.

You see, what makes each of these attributes beautiful is not simply that they are abundant, unchanging, and everlasting, what makes them beautiful is that they are attributes of God deriving their infinite beauty from their relationship to each other. Just as in paintings it is not the secluded colors, shapes or textures that are beautiful but rather their connection as a whole on the canvas. And this idea is as so with our society. While yes individually we are beautifully diverse, as a whole humane society we are ultimately and intriguingly linked. It is this unusual...

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