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Beauty Pageants Essay

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Beauty pageants have been developing all around the world from prisons to worldwide television. They have become very popular throughout the years. Some people don’t like the idea of a “beauty pageant”, while others support it 100%. Beauty pageants range from all ages. Some believe that beauty pageants are beneficial to the contestants while others believe that they have negative impacts.
Beauty pageants have many good benefits. Some of these benefits are internal. One main internal benefit is that it’s claimed to boost ones confidence (#1). This is so they believe in their selves and aren’t nervous. Another one is that it encourages the contestants (#4). For example, some pageants ...view middle of the document...

These pageants allow their contestants (or parents) think outside of the box. They get a chance to be open-minded. This could lead up to earning a scholarship (#1). Scholarships are very helpful for those who plan on going to college. These pageants also allow their contestants to dream (#3). They get to dream of being the beauty queen or just dream of their future. Some parents want their kids to be prepared that there is someone that is always going to be better than them in life (#3). These are good points that the pageants come across.
Pageants also provide new opportunities for the contestants. A past contestant named Katie Gratia stated “… the whole process is worth it. I’m such a more confident, fit and poised person because of [beauty pageants] (#3). She looked at pageants as a new opportunity. She said she was very happy to have been competing in these beauty pageants and suggests that girls should compete. Others believe that these pageants give contestants a break from life (#2). This goes mainly to the inmates at the prisons. This is the time where they get to shine and keep their confidence up.
Also, these pageants allow people to bring out their own style. Their interests and the real person inside of them get to come out. They use their creativity in many different ways (#2). They could wear whatever they want (or their parents want), do their make-up however they want and show off whatever talents they have. Their talents could be from singing and dancing to acting and modeling. They broadcast themselves with style and pizzazz in order to win (#2). With that, they show off their beauty and natural talents. These pageants have good effects on their contestants.
Beauty pageants also have many negative impacts on their contestants. Some of these negative impacts are based on the contestant’s looks. Most of these contestants come out with a false and unachievable version of beauty (#6). They have a fake and artificial look to them because of how they (or their parents) get themselves ready. They focus too much on their looks, and how they look (#4). They have to have perfect look to impress the judges. This means doing anything they can just to impress someone. With this, they get judged on how good of a job they did.
These children (contestants) also get misled, which has a negative impact on them. Some believe that they’re only successful with one aspect of their society, which is looks (#6).. Basically, if they aren’t pretty, then they get no-where in life. Beauty and looks are what matters the most to them. Those qualities aren’t acceptable to many people. While they rely on their looks, it disregards their body for sexual appeal (#6). That isn’t acceptable to many people, while others argue that there is no problem with it.
These pageants could also affect the...

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