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Lindsay VeilleuxMr. AmidonH. World Lit** May 2014Females who participate in pageants prance around the stage in very little clothing, exposing themselves to the public. Child participants are made up to look "physically mature and sexually inviting" (Tamer). Girls are forced into wearing anything from short and revealing dresses to skimp string bikinis (Browne). Young children get all dolled up applying make-up, using special hair products, and wearing the highest of heels. The clothing girls have to wear sexualizes them, and they go onstage in these clothes for everyone in the audience to see. Their bodies are almost completely exposed to anybody in the audience who wants to look or snap a picture due to the lack of clothing on them.Child beauty pageants are dangerous because of how they specifically expose girls to pedophiles. Most pageants are open to the public, and anyone can freely watch the girls onstage. Pedophiles don't have control over their desires when put in direct situations (Langevin and Lang). If a pedophile came into contact with a little girl at a pageant, he wouldn't be able to help himself; he would have to have her. According to Christine Tamer, the counterfeit attractiveness and sincere vulnerability of child beauty queens appeal to child molesters. Young girls cannot fight back too hard against a man paying them a compliment, so they would not think twice about talking to an adult at a pageant. Females tend to grow up with this notion as well. Pageants teach girls to be comfortable in front of complete strangers (Anastasia). This could harm girls in the future if they were approached in public by a friendly stranger. They would think nothing of being nice and chatting because of what pageantry had taught them. Because of how pageants expose girls to pedophiles, they can be extremely dangerous for young girls.The notion that beauty is expensive is an inaccuracy that pageants teach as well as a factor that hurts girls' self-esteem. According to the pageant world, beauty means spray tans, fake nails, over the top make-up, high heels, and ball gowns. For the Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant in Australia, people paid a two hundred fifty dollar entry fee (Toune). This fee did not include any of the preparations, i.e. the tan, the nails, the make-up, the shoes, or the outfits. This fee also did not include any lessons for the talent portion of the competition or pageant coaching. Once all expenses are added together, the cost of a single pageant can total about three thousand dollars (Anastasia). This means that for an average pageant season of twelve weeks, the total cost can add up to an estimated thirty-six thousand dollars. With two pageant seasons per year, this doubles to around seventy-two thousand dollars. When year-round pageant coaching and talent lessons are added in, the cost can reach into the ninety thousands. According to Rachel Browne, this often gets thrown into young girls' faces by parents who throw out words...

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957 words - 4 pages Pagents Should Be Banned." Ka Leo Sacred Hearts Academy. KA Leo Enterprise Design, 15 Oct. 2013. Web. 25 Mar. 2014. Occupy Theory. "Child Beauty Pageants Statistics." Occupy Theory., 20 Dec. 2013. Web. 25 Mar. 2014. Potter, Kambra. "Do Children's Beauty Pageants Help or Harm Young Girls?" JMS Reports. San Diego State University, 13 May 2013. Web. 25 Mar. 2014. Villines, Zawn. "Beauty Pageants and Children: It's Not Always Pretty." Good Therapy., 15 Nov. 2012. Web. 25 Mar. 2014.