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Beauty Pageants: Why They Are Good For Children

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Beauty Pageants: Why they are good for children
Beauty Pageants have a positive impact on children because they will boost children’s self-esteem up. Ms Ng Siau Hwei, a senior psychologist from departments of pediatrics at National University Hospital in Singapore says, “Getting involved with dressing and make-up may be a novel experience for kids and showing their talents in front of a crowd can boost their confidence” (Yap 1). By children being able to express their talents in front of a group of people dressed up and have their make-up done in pageants will boost a child’s self-esteem because they are able to be themselves. Now a days one cannot be themselves without being judged because it is not the “style”, being able to express ones talent without being so called, judged will bring ones confidence up because one will get applauded for being themselves in pageants, even if it is not a “good talent”. Parents tell SundayLife!, a magazine in Australia, “being able to catwalk and do a song, dance or a martial arts number in front of hundreds of people could boost a his confidence” (Yap 2). Children need to be able to express themselves in front of people because later on in life, they will have to do it. By them speaking, singing, dancing, etc. in front of hundreds of people will boost their self-esteem in the long run because they will know they are good at speaking out in front of hundreds, even thousands of people. Dr Clare Ong, a psychologist in a private practice say, “as a teenager, looks become an important part of self-esteem. Pageants emphasise beauty over character may create insecurities, especially if they child—at 13 or 14—sees her peers attached and wonders why she’s not attracting boys” (Yap 3). This is wrong because in beauty pageants, everyone wins at least one thing, it may be the Grand Supreme Title, but one will win something. For example: one can win, best hair, best smile, best talent, prettiest eyes, best outfit. In pageants, beauty is not everything, talent plays an important part of pageants. People put labels on pageants by saying they are only for looks, they bring down children’s confidence, they are just horrible things, but in reality, they will actually help children in the long run. Walking out on a stage, singing and dancing in front of hundreds or thousands of people will help children in the long time because it shows them that saying/doing things in front of a group of people is not bad.
Another reason child Pageants have a positive impact on children because they promote good social skills. Former Miss America of 1970, Pamela Eldred, say, “visiting small towns, giving speeches, living out of a suitcase, smiling at ribbon cuttings, getting to know all of the Chamber of Commerce guys—are great training for the stump” (Washington Post 1). Being able to live out of a suitcase and speak out in front of people will better them in their future. If one can speak out in front of hundreds of people this will better...

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