Beauty Perceptions In The Islamic Culture

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Beauty in Islamic culture
Picture yourself running into a Muslim woman in her Burqa. (A Burqa is usually black and it covers everything but their eyes.) Scary right? You always wondered what they are. Maybe even thinking they were Islamic KKKs or something. As a child I was raised Muslim and even then I was terrified at the women wearing Burqa’s. I asked my father how a man knows if the woman is beautiful if you can’t see her face. His response was “today in the world many people mistake beauty for the way a woman looks. Beauty should not be defined as the way her body curves or the features of their face. It is deeper than that. Beauty is about the soul and when you get to truly know a ...view middle of the document...

Simple things like that. It is known the prophets speaks of over and over again that “the beauty of he or she that embodies good character” it is also known that one who desires to get married should find one who is beautiful in the sense of “character and religion” (Yusha’u, Jameel M.) This goes to show that Islam perceives beauty as more meaningful than the physical physique of a woman (Bint al-Shati’).
Islam has many beautiful women within their culture. I use beautiful in the sense that they portray it. For Example: A woman who is beautiful in her speech, deeds, character, morals, and lifestyle. An example of a beautiful muslim woman would be Asma’u, who is the daughter of Uthman don Fodio, Asma’u was a prestigious scholar, poet, a political and social activist, and someone who is extremely intelligent. She is considered to be one of the greatest women of 19th century Islamic communities. Born in 1793 as a princess, she was named after a hero in Islamic heritage—Asma, the daughter of Abu Bakr, who was a strong woman in her support of Islam. This was a Asma’u lived up too (Bint al-Shati’). She made sure she lived up to the name she was given.
Another example of a beautiful muslim woman is Layla Al-Shifa. Al-Shifa means a healer by God’s permission. Layla also lived up to her name as she was known for ruqya (the art of reciting supplications to use for healing). Layla was not born into the muslim culture but she
Was granted the permission from the Prophet to practice ruqya. The Prophet gave her permission to do so, but he asked her to teach it to his wife, Hafsa. Al-Shifa hadwas also exceeding in literacy. Layla learned to read and writeduring an early stage in life, which was uncommon during this time period. She taught many Muslim women to read and write, including some of the Prophets wives. (Bint al-Shati’) Her legacy still lives on today in the Islamic culture. Those are two examples of what...

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