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The purpose of this academic allocation is to construct a “services model” that supplements the traditional “hard product” model. While the focus for this endeavor is designing a model that performs services strategically and innovatively. Creativity and customer interactivity is also very important to achieve maximum levels of success. Beauty therapist also known as Aestheticians are specialized individuals that dedicate their lives to providing hard services for men and women that focus on beauty treatments for hairstyling, nail care, skin care, and electrology. In an attempt to narrow this broad spectrum this paper will focus on a beauty therapist that plans to specialize in hair care. This document will break down the “service model” process and provide mock illustrations of each of the phases.
NSD Process Cycle and Service Model Elements
In order to start a successful service model there are certain processes and elements that must be initiated. One of the most important processes is the New Service Design (NSD) process cycle which may be defined as central process for sustaining a superior competitive advantage of service firms (Ordanini and Maglio, 2009). This process normally consists of the following phases: development, analysis, design, and full launch.
Once a good NSD has been established one is capable of proceeding to the compilation of the actual service model. The service model relatively consists of several elements such as structural and managerial. By merging these ideals the possibility to create a service operation that is consistent and robust is highly possible.

Mock Beauty Therapist Illustration of NSD Process
Often people start business with very little knowledge of business etiquette, however in the beauty industry this one mistake can cause a business to become counterproductive which equals to minimal prosperity and profit. If a beauty therapist with a specialization intends on having a large clientele and booming business the creation of an NSD is essential. In the initial development phase the therapist must formulate an attainable business objective such as providing quality hair care services to minorities that live in the north eastern portion of the El Paso County. Once the objective has been fine-tuned and defined, the next step is to conduct an analysis and decide if the current business venture has actual potential to be a profitable business. Once this has been achieved the design phase becomes a new focus. This portion of the phases covers marketing, service testing, test marketing, process and system design testing, and bench marking. Full Launch is the last and final phase of NSD and is quintessentially the phase that would allow the therapist to up a salon or spa up to the public. After this final phase has taken place it is time to start implementing the regulatory guidelines of the service model.
Mock Beauty Therapist Service Model Initiation
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