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Beauty Through Tears Essay

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It leaves emotional scars upon women’s hearts worldwide and it is a tragic way that families are broken, domestic violence is a very common event that is happening to women. Domestic violence is abusive behavior that occurs in the household, this usually occurs in spousal relationships or also in dating. The statistics of domestic violence are absolutely staggering! One in three women has been and will be physically abused globally (Face Forward). This is not right for women to be treated in such a horrible manner. There has to be a way for these statistics to be lowered and for women to find the closure that they deserve. Awareness needs to be raised on the issue, financial help and mental support through professionals and loved ones needs to be provided.
Domestic violence is a serious issue that needs to be brought to the minds of all people. Awareness needs to be raised and ideas should be formulated on ways to stop these abusive events. Speaking up is the most simple way to get the word out about Domestic violence. Simply talking about the statistics to a family member can have an effect of people’s opinion of these occurrences. Love is respect is an organization that focuses mainly on dating violence but has brought up some very good points on how to raise awareness for domestic abuse. They ask for volunteers to make posters, write PSAs and create stories or blogs to be posted in their towns online (Love is Respect). These methods can bring an eye to what really happens in an abusive relationship and can also help people identify if someone they know is in an abusive relationship. is also available on social media; social media can be an easy outlet to “Share the latest campaigns, retweet facts and local events and subscribe to watch what are advocates are saying” (Love is Respect). Another organization that fights against domestic violence is an organization called Face Forward. A fantastic way that they raise awareness and money is through hosting galas. Face Forward had their “2013- 4th Annual "A Gatsby Affair" Gala Red Carpet” (Face Forward), this gala was attended by celebrities and raised awareness for the cause of domestic abuse to women and children.
Face Forward is a non-profit organization that “provides physical and emotional reconstruction for women and children who have been victimized by domestic or gang related violence” (Face Forward). They financially pay for facial reconstructive surgery for women and children who have been physically battered. Financial support can be a way of assisting domestic abuse victims start over. Some may be just getting out of a situation and they could have lost their home. The AHA Foundation is another organization that helps girls to start over. Their goals are to rescue the women from their situation and help them to reach a safe place and get them the help that they need (The AHA Foundation).
Being in a domestic violence situation can leave a person feeling helpless...

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