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Beauty Within Essay

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The movie Shrek is a 3D animated adventure involving the protagonist by the same name and his sidekick, Donkey, as they embark on a journey to save a princess from her castle for Lord Farquaad. On the outside, Shrek is a mean and scary ogre, but underneath his “onion-like” personality lies a sad, lonely soul. Shrek is not a typical, Disneyesque fairytale; it is a fairytale that parodies every “once upon a time” and “happily ever after”. By making an ogre the main character, the film breaks the typical boring, fairytale pattern. As said in the movie Shrek, “sometimes things are not always what they appear to be”. In the Shrek film, the purpose of the story, the content, and the visual texture ...view middle of the document...

For entertaining purposes, each character had flaws which were brought up in a humorous way, a way that they have never been before by DreamWorks. Throughout the movie the imposed perfection of the civilization is ridiculed. It is admissible for the entertaining purposes of the movie to have a character with abnormal physical features or a compulsive talking disorder. In order to amuse, the movie Shrek burlesqued the aspect of judging people through actions or physical appearances and was able to get the message across in a fashionable manner.
The underlying theme ever present in the movie Shrek is to be confident and comfortable with one owns internal and external appearance. Each character had flaws, physical, mental, or both. Fiona felt trapped by the princess status which was imposed on her, Lord Farquaad focused on vanity, Shrek felt that he did not fit in with the rest of civilization, and Donkey even though being sweet and humorous had a hard time being accepted by anyone. Needless to say, the story line challenged the flaws that the characters possess and the lesson to learn was to accept those flaws as they are. This movement by DreamWorks was resolute since at least four of the identified characters had flaws and each character throughout the movie had to become aware and accepting of those flaws. To juxtapose, the majority of Disney movies on average have only one main character struggling with the imperfections. The content focused on accepting oneself and not becoming a part of scam which would be the drive for perfection.
In the animated Shrek movie the three-dimensional animation, with the touch of warm tones, added completeness and cohesiveness to the plot in a way that was not done before. The background filled with water, clouds, fields, and lava established an excellent depth and emphasized that during the conquest nature can be crucial to emphasize the internal beauty of characters. This visual texture showed that although being a beautiful princess, Fiona can still take rests inside...

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