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Becoming A Better Fisher Essay

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Benny Vang
Mr. White & Ms. Deal
24 March 2014
Graduation Project Research Paper
Becoming a Better Fisher

Fishing can be well known for many things. Some include fishing as a competitive sport,
whether it be for game or non-game fish. Some include fishing as a hobby. Some may even
include fishing as a survival technique that can be used to catch fish for a source of food.
Whatever the reason it may be, it is best to always prepare and decide on the location, check the
weather forecast, and know the surrounding area. Becoming a better fisher requires appropriate
fishing gears, selection of baits to use, and proper techniques.
Becoming a better fisher requires appropriate fishing gears. A fishing gear that is
important in becoming a better fisher is the reel. Having the appropriate reel determines the line
capacity and weight that the reel can withstand. The reel varies depending on the fish that is
expected to catch, and is determined through the type of line and rod obtained. The larger and
better specifications of the reel, the better line and rod should be expected to relevantly fit with
the reel. The type of reel also determines the amount of line it is able to hold. This can be
important in line distance as well as being able to have enough line to prevent it from running out
which can potentially snap the line upon hooking on a fish that may exceed the size limitations.
Having the appropriate rod determines the distance in casting. Depending on the rod,
having a longer and “powered-based” rod gives an advantage at casting distance, as well as fish size capacity. It gives more of an advantage at catching larger fish, such as catfish, striped bass,
and salmon. The rod is typically more round and heavier which can have a disadvantage at
carrying the rod in certain situations. A “action-based” rod gives an advantage in speed,
flexibility, and easy handling. It has an advantage at catching certain fish that like to “fight” and
move rapidly, such as bass, trout, and carp. The rod is typically slimmer and less heavier than the
power-based rod which can have a disadvantage at reeling in fishes that exceed the size limit in
certain situations. It does, however, provide more ease at carrying, and benefits other factors that
influence the techniques of fishing.
Having the appropriate line determines the fish size and weight you are able to withstand
and possibly catch. The stronger the line, the greater chance of catching larger fishes. However,
it’s possible to catch fishes that exceed the line size capacity but requires proper fishing
techniques. There are two commonly used fishing lines: monofilament and braided. Mono line is
the most common among fishers, and it has the advantage of being able to stay afloat as well as
letting the line stretch. Mono line is composed of plastic that can be easily breakable due to it’s
ability to stretch which can potentially snap the line. Braided line is more powerful...

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