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After completing the overall view of the restaurant chain many issues concern me regarding sustainability, electricity, products, and water waste. Unfortunately, where the restaurant chain stands now is far from being a “green” establishment. There are many solutions in order for the restaurant chain to become “greener” while saving money for profit. Whether it is energy efficient equipment, locally grown products, to recycling this chain restaurant can make a difference to our environment and make more of a profit on a day to day operation. The amount of change needed from this chain is going to take time, motivation, and determination to make a change not only in the environment but also the end of the day for profit. If continued habits of the chain do not change, then in time thousands of dollars will be thrown away overtime.
Currently the equipment in the chain restaurants is old. The old equipment uses a lot of energy which does not make the equipment very efficient. Many hours of electrical usage in watts is overburden on the everyday operation. The first step in making an impact should be to replace all large kitchen equipment with Energy Star equipment. Energy star equipment helps businesses impact the environment while lowering energy bills by using more efficient energy power. Equipment that can be replaced is convection ovens, fryers, ice machines, dishwashers, refrigeration, griddles, freezers, steamers and holding cabinets. That major appliance can help reduce energy amounts drastically over time. “A 10% reduction in energy costs for the average limited service restaurant can increase net profit margin by 4%”. (Warehouse, 2010) The U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency is involved in a joint program with Energy star which work together to create energy efficient commercial equipment while impacting the environment and lower energy bills.
Recycling plays a huge role in our environment. Waste management is integrated to reduce, reuse and recycle. Reducing the amount of waste on a daily basis will benefit both the environment and an establishment. “Recycle is to collect and reuse resources in the waste stream.” (Botkin & Keller, 2009) Unfortunately, recycling has not occurred in the chain restaurant. Even the slightest improvement in recycling can impact the ozone layer greatly by contributing less to landfills. The restaurant chain can start by purchasing recycled biodegradable material for all to-go containers, cups, napkins, bags, coffee stir sticks and other single use food service containers. Purchasing compostable or recyclable products will help towards killing fewer trees by reusing products that are recycled materials. The restaurant chain can also put in recycling bins in public areas as well as back of the house areas to ensure proper processing to cut waste. Clearly labeling plastic, paper, glass, and soiled food trash can help in the process. Recycling and change takes time,...

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