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Becoming An Active Learner Essay

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Active learning is key as it makes learning an interactive and productive process instead of being passive and an endeavor that students like to avoid. By practicing being active learners, and making connections to prior knowledge, you will have a better chance of understanding what you are learning, and why you are learning it (Soiferman 2014). When active, students are just not taking information but reflecting on it and critically analyzing it. Practice active learning by thinking critically about the course Content (Soiferman 2014). Learning how to become an active learner can be a difference between a successful and not so successful experience at university because active students can practice metacognition, benefit from learning theories like Bloom’s Taxonomy, and know their preferred learning style.
Metacognition can be loosely defined as “thinking about one’s own thinking.” More specifically, metacognition is “an appreciation of what one already knows, together with a correct apprehension of the learning task and what knowledge and skills it requires, combined with the ability to make correct inferences about how to apply one’s strategic knowledge to a particular situation, and to do so efficiently and reliably” (Peirce, 2003). Metacognition involves thinking about one’s own cognitive processes (thinking about thinking) (Soiferman 2014) .If students practice metacognition, it makes learning efficient and productive. Metacognition affects a student’s motivation to learn because it directly affects attribution and self-efficacy (Peirce, 2003). When students engage in metacognition, they (1) come to an understanding of what they understand and; (2) make adjustments in their learning strategies to improve their learning in subsequent opportunities, particularly when they recognize that their understanding is flawed or incomplete (Soiferman 2014). One is just not learning for the sake of learning, but as to how they can apply that learning to your benefit. It requires an understanding of what you are learning, and why you are learning it, and how you can adapt that knowledge to serve your purposes (Soiferman 2014).
In short, metacognition facilitates active learning, and active learning results in deeper understanding (Soiferman 2014). Students who active metacognition can have a successful university experience as learning would just come to them.
Active learners can benefit from different learning theories, specifically, Bloom’s Taxonomy. Bloom’s Taxonomy was introduced by Benjamin Bloom and a group of educational psychologists in 1956. Bloom’s taxonomy consists of 6 levels of hierarchy; Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Synthesizing and Evaluating. “The educational objectives are structured in a hierarchical order. At the lowest level students are required to know, memorize, repeat and list information. At the higher levels students are required to judge, criticize, resolve, invent, and make recommendations. Each of the...

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