Becoming A Professional Chef Essay

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     The chefs who have made the greatest impression know that their successes depend upon several factors, some of which are inherent; some which are diligently cultivated.
Becoming a professional chef not only requires a thorough understanding in food preparation, but many other important points as well. Auguste Escoffier, the originator of modern foodservice wrote; "No theories, no formulae, no recipe, no matter how well written, can take the place of experience."
     The formal educational process must begin with the choice of institution, in the United States, the Culinary Institute of America, New York is the leader in traditional culinary cuisine preparation. The curriculum is taught on the Escoffier ideal. The California culinary Academy, San Francisco, also offers culinary education, but along with the New England culinary Institute, Montpelier, Vt, offer an education for occupational demand and placement. In order to gain a solid understanding in basic and advanced culinary techniques, any aspiring chef will find formal training at an accredited school an excellent beginning.An apprenticeship and or on-the-job training can be useful for some individuals in the place of formal education, and is a a necessary follow-up for all chefs in training. Learning should be an ongoing process, there is no substitute for experience;only with practice will classroom teory become fully developed.
     The purpose behind the education is learning basic food preparation, learning the styles of knife cuts and food presentation. Most importantly of all food preparation is sanitation.
     The importance of sanitation cannot be over emphasized.
In a business based upon service and hospitality, reputation and indeed, livelihoods are dependent upon the customers good will.
     Food-borne illnesses fall into two categories, intoxicant and infections. An understanding of the causes and preventions will limit any contaminations. The food preparation process emcompresses the sanitation process from
the beginning, using properly sterile utincels, food storage, etc.
     Being a professional chef like any profession has a great many sides. The career opportunities for a chef that
come to mind are that, a chef, a cook. The Bureau of Labor
Statistics, Monthly Labor review,November, 1995. By the year 2000, there will be an estimated 16-38% increase for
chefs. The Wall Street Journal notes that the average salary for a trained culinarian is $37,500 and can rise as high as $210,000. for top executive chefs.(2)
     A chef can be a team player a "team" player like any other organization or a chef can be a sole-proprietor of an establishment. The "Brigade system" (3) was instituted by Auguste Escoffier for use in large kitchen environments such as a hotel. The Brigade system streamlines and simplifies work, the elimination of chaos and avoidance of duplicate effort will describe the titles as originally given by
Escoffier,first in English then the...

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