Becoming A Single Mother Changed My Life

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Becoming a Single Mother Changed My Life (For the Better!)

Everyone remembers a specific incident that has profoundly affected his or her life. I remember my special memory as if it happened yesterday; and that memory will always be as detailed. My life-altering occurrence happened when I was fresh out of high school.

As an 18-year-old, I was known as out-going and friendly, as well as a bit ditsy. I drank Mountain Dew religiously and smoked cigarettes with the same feverish devotion. I also smoked pot recreationally and drank alcohol less regularly. I was a bit immature. All I cared about was feeling good and having fun. My boyfriend Randy and I were inseparable. We did everything together and we loved each other intensely. We had been dating for a year and a half; nothing else mattered to us except each other. Then, in July, everything changed.

At the end of that month, Randy and I went to the drug store and bought a pregnancy test. We traveled to a friend's house and hid in the hot, stuffy bathroom to await the outcome.

Randy and I sat on the hard, scummy bathroom floor holding each other while the test sat on the edge of the sink, developing an answer. Averting our eyes, we dared not look until the required two minutes were up. We both stood up and peeked at the result. It read "positive." I immediately began to cry. Randy saw my despair and clutched me close, smiling with pride. His unexpected favorable reaction put me at ease. Knowing that he was proud of having a baby made me delighted to bear his child.

I knew I had received a precious gift from Randy and from God. Knowing the importance of the baby's life and health, I quickly quit smoking cold turkey and cut caffeine out of my diet; both of which were very difficult addictions to overcome simultaneously. I added prenatal vitamins and vegetables to my daily menu. I eliminated pot and alcohol from my lifestyle.

I noticed that I began to interact differently with the world around me, becoming more motherly. No longer were my beloved horror flicks enjoyable; they disturbed me too much. I started disciplining my family and friends and giving them safety advice. I also mothered my cats. Each kitty was rocked to sleep and tucked in on a regular basis. Soon I began to unconsciously wipe eye goobers off of their fuzzy little faces. Next, I found myself relating to the pregnant ma-ma cat. I fed her and gave her back massages. We also took extensive naps together.

Dust and dirt began to bother me greatly. I cleaned for hours at a time. I vacuumed the floors and the hairy, shedding dogs regularly. Clutter offended me, even...

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