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There have been many great fighters throughout history. Many have been very successful in their career and were very popular; however, few have been able to leave there mark on society as well as the boxing community. Not many boxers took the initiative the make an impact on the boxing world and influence our future fighters. One person who was an excellent fighter and did go the extra mile was the one and only, Michael Gerard Tyson. Many people might not know the struggles becoming what he is today. Which is why, Mike Tyson went through a great struggle becoming a boxer; however, he showed us what it takes to become a tremendous athlete and a great influence to the community.
Every great fighter had to start somewhere, and for Tyson, it was the city of Brooklyn in the state of New York. He was born here on June 30, 1966 (Biography). In the first couple years of Tysons life, he had many struggles. Tysons father left his family just after he reached the age of two and even with a helpful mother; one could agree he had few to no parental guidance. Brooklyn, at the time, was known for its crime and violence, which is something you could expect from highly populated area. At the age ten, Tyson was already involved in a gang named the “Cats” (Tyson). His gang was not one to laugh at either. They robbed many stores and robbed people at gun point on the streets. His gang was ruthless and got in many street fights, whether it was other gangs or strangers on the street. They once shot up a whole gang called the “Pumas” (Tyson). After seeing what her son was becoming, Tysons mother sent him to the “Tryon School for Boys” (Biography). Tyson was bullied a lot during his first couple years after joining this school and, coincidently, this was where Tyson first started boxing. They had a school boxing club and the coach’s name was Bob Stewart (Biography). From this point on Tyson was determined to become a fighter.
“You can’t be a good person, when you’re a fighter”- Mike Tyson (Kyles). As Tysons quote shows, he had the right mindset for this sport. You have to be mean and aggressive. After learning about his childhood most people a can see that had already had that covered. He had the determination for boxing and the drive to get to the top. Tyson was reaching his early 20s and climbing through the ranks in his amateur bouts, everything seemed well, until his mother passed away in 1982 (Biography). This loss was devastating to him and surely gave him more motivation to fight. A couple years past and he showed he could hold his own with amateurs, he was ready to become a professional. His professional debut was on March 6, 1985 in Albany, New York (Biography). His opponent, named Hector Mercedes didn’t put up much of a fight. Tyson knocked him out in the first round. His next twenty one bouts were also something to be astonished about. He was twenty years old, undefeated, and standing with the heavyweight championship belt. He was the youngest man in the...

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