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Bedlam At Christmas Original Writing

1325 words - 5 pages

Bedlam at Christmas - Original Writing

As I walk out of the dusty and bleakly interiored station, I feel
excited to be in Oxford Street. As it's the 23rd of December, I have
opened the ultimate door of stress upon myself as I have to get all of
my Christmas shopping done TODAY!

The mood is quite surreal as the cold and snowy yet warm spirit of
Christmas slightly lightens the, otherwise rude, obnoxious, and
grumpy, every day shoppers.

Where is she? I wonder to myself, frustrated. She always does this to
me and we're on a time curfew. Jane, where are you?

I gasp and turn around sharply as I feel an unpleasant nudge in my
spine. I swing my arm round; ready to defend myself and someone grabs

"Watch it girl! You nearly had my eye out!" she cockily warns me.

"You! You're late miss!", I say with an annoyed but friendly grin on
my face, pleased to see her.

"Well come on then, 'slow coach", she bosses "Today, were gonna' shop
'till we drop!"

We walk along the icy and snowy road famously known for its outrageous
shops and clubs. People shove past, selfish, intolerant. They strive
to get to their destinations as fast as they can. Very few are
smiling-London is the stress capital at this time of year!

I look around. People are wrapped in thick and warm winter clothes,
making me feel very content and festive.

Striding down Oxford Street, my glow of happiness crumbles into a
mixed feeling of empathy and guilt at the sight of a tramp, begging to
the affluent, dismissive passers by.

All the Christmas spirit has left me as I gaze at the poor young
tramp, tightly clutching on his scraggy old blanket with his dirty
worn shoes, and thin black greasy hair. He frailly reaches his arms
out to me, begging for money. The desperation I see on his face brings
a tear to my eye, as for a second I wonder, what if this was me?

Debating with myself whether or not to give him anything, I rummage
through my bag and grab an orange, put it in his hand. His tense body
relaxes with a sigh of relief.

"Thank you", he says, in ultimate gratitude.

I give him a big smile and carry on my journey with Jane.

"Are you mad?", Jane snaps irritably, "What 's he supposed to do with
an orange?"

I don't explain to her my fleeting vision of myself in his shoes.

Next, I see someone completely from the other end of the spectrum, as
a snobbish looking woman, in a long leather coat and a mobile in her
hand is shouting down the phone at someone.

"Look darling, if you don't get this deal for me then Ruby here is
going to have to sack you as there are many other people waiting in
line for this job. Once in a lifetime chance darling, remember that
sweetie, chow".

I look up at the beautiful Christmas sky once again, and I see the
Christmas lights, sparkling and shining, bright...

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