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Bedroom Blog Essay

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"Oh umm ... hey babe. Out of practice so soon?" I said 
"Yeahhh... I thought it was practice turned out just to be orientation. So I thought I would come and surprise you." Josh said 
"Aww. How sweet! Well Rose and I don't have dance class until later on today, so how about you show us that dorm of yours" Kerria said 
"I don't have class for another 3 hours, so sure. Let's go."
Josh lived on campus, he landed a full scholarship to the University of Cohoes so his tuition plus room and board was included. Luckily Kerria's parents got her an apartment off campus and I was able to stay with her. I barley could afford tuition and if it wasn't for her parents paying half of my tuition, I would of ...view middle of the document...

I jumped on top of him and we started going at it. Making out like he has just came back from being at war for 8 years. He started to become aroused then suddenly pushed me off him.
"You know I'm not ready to do that" Josh yelled 
"It's been almost 5 years, we are both virgins. What the hell are you waiting for? We finally have the privacy, let's just do it."
"Let's just do it? Is this how you want our first time to be? With your best friend waiting in the livingroom?!" Josh snapped at me
"Then when? When will be the perfect time for you MR. PERFECT?"
"I don't know... maybe after college or even marriage..."
"Marriage?! You have to be kidding me. Am I not attractive enough for your to want? Is that it?"
"This has nothing to do with your looks, your gorgeous. Your perfect in my eyes and I want to be with you forever. We don't need to have sex to show each other how much we love each other. I wouldn't get hard every time we kiss if I didn't want you. I just want to be married and settled first. And concentrate on giving us a better future first." He said hugging me
"Fine. But once we are married, I'm going to make you wish you gave it up to me along time ago." I winked at him 
We both laughed.
"I probably will. I'm just happy to have you in my life babe. I'm going to shower then maybe we can grab a bite to eat." 
" Kay, I'll just be in the livingroom with Kerria."
As we opened the door, Kerria fell in. Josh and I just looked at her then looked at each other and back at her. We all busted out laughing. I think she wants us to have sex even more than I do.
" STILL won't give it up Josh. I wish I knew the person who made your Chastity belt." Kerria said
"HA HA, even if you did you would still find a way to get a dick inside you." Josh replied
"Oh HELL to the NO, he did not just say that. Handle your boo Rose or he won't have a dick to use by the time he finally decides to give it up." Kerria said
I couldn't stop laughing, we all knew eachother since Pre-K and these two have been going at it since he got to the green crayon before her. That's just how they know how to show love to each other. If it wasn't for him, I don't know how I would of made it through Kerrias move. Josh went into the shower while Kerria and I waited in the...

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