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Bee Season By Myla Goldberg Question: Discus The Intertextuality In The Novel Bee Season By Myla Goldberg And How It Gives The Reader A Better Understanding Of The Novel

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The reference's to other texts in the novel 'Bee Season' by Myla Goldberg shape the reading of the novel to understand and appreciate the text further. The novel is narrated in third person omniscient jumping from character to character, which allows the reader an insight on all the main characters. The text 'Star Wars' is made reference to in the novel alongside with, 'Rocky', Ghost busters and 'Jeopardy'. The intertextuality helps the reader appreciate characters and situations, hence gives the reader a better understanding of the novel.The novel makes reference to 'star wars' which helps the reader appreciate characters and situations, hence gives the reader a better understanding of the novel. Aaron's character makes a reference to star wars; "Aaron pictures his father by his side as he, the Jedi ninja, attacks a legion of Marvin Bussys." (32). This Quote allows the reader to appreciate the emotion felt by Aaron as he is invited to enter his father's world ," Saul's presence in the room is so strong that Aaron feels he has stepped inside his father's body, Saul's heart suddenly grown large enough for a door" (32). The reference gives the reader a better understanding of Aaron's character hence the novel is shaped by an appreciation of its references to other texts. Aaron is made a link to the Jedi master by Myla as perhaps that is everything Aaron wants to be but is not. The novel adds reference to Eliza being "head Jedi ninja."(34). This positions Eliza as 'great', which Myla dose to intensify the out-come of the novel, as the prospective of Eliza raises in the readers mind. The theme song of star-wars rings through Eliza's mind, "and for some reason she can't get it out of her head." (58). in the context of the quote it allows the reader an insight on the confidence of Eliza as she is waiting for her turn to spell in the national spelling Bee. This also gives the reader the expectations that Eliza will win the competition, which is the propose of the intertext as Myla wants to position Eliza as being 'great'. Star wars is viewed upon as the great and beyond belief which is why this quote associates greatness with Eliza as she can't get the theme song out her mind. Eliza can be portrayed as a slight version of the 'Jedi master' which perhaps is the reason Aaron is so jealous. The intertext is aimed strongly at Aaron with both Aaron making reference to star wars and Eliza making reference to Aaron referring to him as a "Jedi master", this suggests Aaron's character. The Jedi master dose not live in the 'superficial' world as 'normal' people do, he lives in a deeper more spiritual world. This relates to Aaron's character as he is looking for the deeper meaning in life, not just what's presented to him.Myla purposely adds an intext to the text 'Rocky' which helps the reader gain a better understanding of the main character Eliza in the novel. Myla makes a point to add the reference to 'Rocky' in association with Eliza. "She would be content to...

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