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Beer And Corn Flakes Essay

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There are many obstacles that one must overcome in order to achieve one’s goals and overall success. We are born to make mistakes; and whether one chooses to rectify those mistakes, and ultimately learn from them, is up to that individual. When I was sixteen, I made a life altering decision which luckily, I was able to overcome and learn from; I was arrested at a party for underage consumption. Although the party left some very fond memories ingrained in my brain, the actual moment when I got arrested will haunt me for the rest of my life. There is no turning back from a mistake like this, no forgetting, whatsoever. But I can’t say that I wish it didn’t happen, because that night taught me some very valuable lessons.
It was over Thanksgiving break, and my friend Katie was having a party; actually, a three day party, to be exact. Her parents were out of town and it seemed like she invited the whole school. Everywhere you walked inside the house you had to hold your beer over your head because there was a good chance it would get knocked out of your hand otherwise. All of my friends were there, celebrating our four day “freedom” from school. Everyone drank and laughed and danced, and I’m pretty sure we were smoking some funny things. If I had to guess, I would say that there were about two hundred people there at a time. The first night passed without incident, everyone peacefully coexisting; the second night got a little rowdy when kids from our rival school showed up and tried to crash the party; the third night was just pure stupidity.
It was Saturday night, the last non-school night of our four day break, and we decided to go all out. We were playing beer pong, flip cup, quarters, kings, bonging beers, doing keg stands, shots all around, and smoking our pipes and joints. A lot of people didn’t show up that night, either because they were too partied out, or they could sense the impending doom that would bear down on the partygoers. My brother warned me not to go, especially because of how close of a call we had the night before. I was nonchalantly talking to my two best friends in the basement, drinking the beer I had mixed with corn flakes (which is surprisingly delicious if you ever feel the urge to try it) when the basement was suddenly full of screaming people. My friends and I jumped up from the sofa in fear of being trampled by the oncoming crowd. Confused, but delighted by the large group of drunken teenagers, we started laughing and talking to the newcomers. It wasn’t until someone screamed “Cops!” that we realized what was happening.
The basement was immediately quiet except for a drunk couple playing quarters. I still remember the clink of the quarter hitting the wood table, and the spinning noise it made when the coin missed the cup. There was an immediate “Shh!” and even the quarter stopped spinning. Seconds later we heard footsteps overhead and an officer’s voice; we knew we were busted. However, that didn’t stop us from...

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