Beer Street And Gin Lane, By William Hogarth

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In the eighteenth century etchings entitled “Beer street and Gin lane",are two prints of English satirist William Hogarth where he supported the drinking beer in comparison to the consumption of gin.These prints were designed side by side so that the viewers see drinking beer as less intoxicating than the evil side effects of gin drinking.At the same time this "Gin lane" a companion of the other printing increased public awareness for drinking, and its deadly consequences led a campaign against the British government economic plan.

Before we move forward some clarifications needed to be made In order to understand the comparativeness of the multiple meaning of Gin lane's degrading activities. we need to know what gin is and how did it entered in england's land. Gin is a cheap and hard spirit that is distilled from grains and berries of juniper is added to its flavor. It was first distilled in Holland in the early seventeenth century, where it is produced as medicine for the stomach discomforts. Gin has a horrible side-effects. it is a memory-diminisher that made people stupid very quickly. The lower class of London was a regular drinker not as a social drinker though, they just wanted to get drunk fast to escape the pain of the difficult lives. it was introduced to England after the arrival of William and Mary from the Netherlands in 1688.This gin business was a part of economic plan of the government, so that they could create the demand for surplus grain.

The first engraving i have chosen to examine is called "Beer street". On Beer street everyone seems happy, healthy,and hard-working . Seem to be Refreshing themselves with drink beer while they are at leisure. Basket full of fresh fishes and the their the knowledge seeker sellers indicate abundance of healthy food habits. Behind them two chubby men sitting on the street bench enjoying some reading materials and one well-uniformed men whom i believe a gin a seller is about to enter to find some customers was forcefully lifted up by one of that much more masculine guy from behind. This shows Gin alcohol is not allowed in this area. I can see an artist in a rag dress is painting an advertising sign. I am not sure why his appearance is different . May be he doesn't make enough money as he is trying to make a sign to promote gin selling in this location where there is no demand for it . A big basket full of books also indicates the inhabitants of this street has deep interest in learning. The book seller is enjoying his las drop of beer at his free time may be after a good business . Far behind a group of labors are working on the ground and some are also working for the building construction. some barrels are being hoisted up and repair have been made on the rooftop shows more hard workings are also going to take place. Little farther, i see one passenger is being carried away in an English sedan chair, a common form of transportation for elite group describes a...

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