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In the book, Before I Fall, the readers experience life seven times through a teenage girl with hope of surviving. The main character, Sam Kingston whose life was ephemeral, dies in a car accident and is thrown into disarray. However, she lives that day over and over again seven times; all with different endings. Through her repeated days in Before I Fall, readers will come to know that Sam Kingston is hopeful, determined, loyal, and caring.
While reading Before I Fall, readers will learn what caring truly is. Sam Kingston dies and relives that day over seven times. She learned after the first day not to take life for granted. Sam was very caring. For instance, to save herself from dying, she stayed home from school. This to some readers may not be a big deal, but Sam had a younger sister, Izzy. Some readers may find their siblings annoying and try to eschew them; nevertheless, Izzy was never testy to Sam. Therefore, when Sam stayed home, she agreed to let Izzy stay home with her. While spending the day together, Sam did whatever Izzy wanted to do. Her choice was to visit Goose Point, a rock where geese would always fly. Even though this was a picayune to Sam; nevertheless, she went anyway. While there Sam wanted to say very kind words to Izzy that she did not have the heart to say before. Sam did not want to cry in front of her sister, for this would show Izzy how upset she is. The kind words were “I feel ache in my throat, but I manage to smile. Two conflicting desires go through me same time, each as sharp as a razorblade: I want to see you grow up and don’t ever change” (Oliver 284). Izzy was never an ignominy to Sam.
For Sam, caring was to love her sister, and to save one of her classmates from dying. This classmate, Juliet Sykes, was imperturbable and not popular. She was named Mellow Yellow in elementary for wetting her bed. Juliet was a misanthrope this being because everyone made fun of her. One day Sam and her friends were at a party. Juliet came in and walked right back out. Sam reliving the day before, remembered what she was going to do. Juliet was going to kill herself. Sam did not have to try to save her life, but she did by keeping close surveillance over her. Even though they did not get along, Sam tried to save her without exacerbating the situation.
Along with being caring, Sam was determined in many ways. Her first priority on her list was to try to survive a night; even though she already knew how she was going to die. Determined to stay alive, Sam did not go to school. Not going to school would cause her not to go to the party. However, even though she did not go to school she had to save Juliet. That night when her parents went to bed, Sam left the house in a furtive way. She drove her car chary to where the party was being held; Kent was having the party in a bucolic area of town. Because she lived this life over several times, Sam knew where to find Juliet; which was in a sylvan area. When she found Juliet...

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