Before Our Eyes: The Collections Of The Minneapolis Institute Of Art

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The Minneapolis Institute of Art has many beautiful collections. The evening class that we art students attended proved to be informative as well as relaxing. The class covered looking at what we had recently studied in the first section. The ancient near east, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Etruscan and Aegean art were the subjects of our evening. Everyone was able to see the Doryphorus, which was accented by decorative streamers hanging from the ceiling. We were also able to observe pieces that were similar to ones studied. It was a change to go on a class trip to the Institute, because compared to sitting walking around while looking at art is always pleasant.
When ambling through the rooms of art, I had a variety of favorites. It is always hard to pick and single out a specific piece. It is quite exciting reflecting on all the pieces that have been learned about. The Doryphoros (Room 203), sculpted by the Roman Polykleitos around 450-440 B.C., is amazing because of the life put into the marble. As there are only four of these in the world, it is wonderful that the MIA contains one of them in their collections. Birds with Foliage (Room 240), is a Syrian mosaic by an unknown artist. It is a beautiful piece of work created the about same time of the Doryphoros. The colors remind make one think of autumn, and the birds are graceful and comely. The Crouching Lion (Room 240), sculpted by an unknown Greek artist in 400 B.C., is quite impressive. Later, when I stopped to look at some “miscellaneous items” a small, hematite Frog (Room 203), stood out to me. The hematite frog was made in Sumeria around 3,000 B.C. A chalice of sorts bearing the name Ibex (Room 236), was a fascinating Persian/Iranian piece of metalwork from 500 B.C. Though I have been to the MIA frequently, it was interesting to see the Doryphoros after studying more art in depth. The Birds with Foliage caught my eye because of the hidden meaning of faith incorporated into it. The birds meant the soul of a person, and the pomegranates meant (seasons) spring, which alluded to the Christian faith, The Ibex was interesting because if how intricate the chalice was. The goat cup handle was something I thought was unique, and adorable at the same time. Crouching Lion captivated me. I loved how the artist captured the ferocity and nobility. It is clearly going to crouch, he is robust and ready to spring, while at the same time, its gorgeous mane was alive and flowing. The frog (though it was so small) stood out to me because they are some of the only cute, little amphibians that are not disgusting. Frogs are certainly tiny subjects for art. They were also worshiped in the ancient near east, and that gave them...

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