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Before The Death Of Innocence A Insight Into Premature Depression

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Before The Death of Innocence.Th girl walked along through the parking lot, careful to step over the broken beer bottles and cigarette stubs. Her face was masked by the cover of indifference, she was young yet there was no light in her eyes. Her life was on the brink of disaster but she didn't let it show, everyday she sank deeper into the hole she had buried for herself. She reached the dull gray dirty building and looked up at it, her black hair fluttering in the wind. The building was old and worn down, to the side were reminiscences of what once could have said "Public Hospital". She sighed and, pushed back her hair, and walked inside. Today the girl would see that there was good in the world, that everyone had something worth living for.A wave of pine disinfectant hit me as soon as I walked in. Followed by a strangely clean smell of sickness. I hate hospitals. Especially this one, I've never been here before, this was downtown- a place my friends and me normally avoid.There were two beds in the room, one was empty, and the other hid a frail figure with large blankets. This was my punishment, my hell. My parents aren't like normal parents who ground you for doing something wrong, no…. They believe in 'community service.' I sighed to myself Just chill out Shay, you're only here for two hours, This can't be as bad as the Old People's home."Hi." I said from a distance "uhm…. I'm the volunteer person. I'm supposed to talk to you or something…" There was no answer. I stepped closer but the blankets covered everything and I couldn't event tell what gender the person was. There was a slight movement and then the blankets were gone.He was pale and looked delicate, yet there was a certain roughness about him. I couldn't quite place it, it had nothing to do with the way he looked, far from that, as he had big black eyes and ruffled hair, I guess it was the aura he gave off, there was strength in him.He looked at me closely as I stood nervously not knowing what to do."Sit down" he said.I obeyed and tried to say something but nothing came out of my mouth."So, they told me about you. We're supposed to talk for an hour, so that I can yell at someone besides the nurse and you can go home feeling good about yourself." I shifted uncomfortably in my chair Damnit I don't need this crap, I have enough screwed up problems of my own without having to listen to his attitude. I got up to leave."Where are you going?" he asked "Well you obviously don't want me here." I replied, He looked pensive for a minute and then closed his eyes, "No, sit, I want to talk." I sat down cautiously not knowing what to expect he opened his eyes and looked at me as if seeing me for the first time."What's you name?" he asked, "....." I replied, He stared at me blankly, I sighed, "you can call me Sharla, if you find it easier." He nodded "I'm Mark." I smiled lightly, but my smile soon disappeared when he started having a fit of coughs. I jumped up in a panic."Are you...

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