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Sitting in class eagerly awaiting the final bell to sound, all the guys in the classroom on the team all wore their blue Russell brand jerseys with white numbers. This was a typical experience I had playing high-school football, and I feel many people that have played sport can agree that all you think about in school on game day was the game itself. High-school football is many small towns and city’s pride and joy. I cannot think of one high-school that does not love the football season. It does not matter where you are from people that have played high-school football speak the same language and share the same love and passion for the game. High-school football is elevated to such a high status many towns shut down just so all the town residents have the opportunity to see the game. High school consists of some of the best high school memories a teenage boy can have and in long run football can teach values that are essential tools for the rest the boy’s life. In order to get to the high school football there is a lot of preparation the team must do before even thinking about playing games. The off and pre-season are the most essential parts to making and having a successful football team, because the way you practice and prepare is the way you play.
Excruciating hot weeks in the summer in July is where the season all begins. The true test of the team begins with the coach’s contact days which consist of two grueling practices a day, tedious and important drills, and mentally straining hours of conditioning. Even though the two practices every day for five days may seem equivalent to a navy seal’s hell week, at the end of the week much is accomplished and team chemistry and morale is high. All the players are in shape and ready for the season to begin.
That next week real practice begins and season starts rolling. Coaches begin having the team practice plays, formations, and work on memorizing the playbook. The first week of practice is very long, tedious, and strenuous. There is a constant starting and stopping of the same play over...

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