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I remember my first job as an intern at Parkland Memorial Hospital back in 1998. Helping people has always been a passion of mine and working at the hospital that summer let me know that I could do so and make a living at the same time. Though helping people was my passion, making money is what fascinated me the most that summer. So after working throughout high school and landing a decent job in the mortgage industry, I decided that earning money was more important than pursing a degree in nursing. Boy was I wrong! After five years of service as the companies top performing agent, I was laid off due to company downsizing. As I worked and continued to be laid off due to economic downfall, I ...view middle of the document...

She sent me to the financial aid office where I was educated on the different options I had for assistance. The first was a grant program offered by the government. The attendant helped me to fill out a free application for federal student aid. After we completed the application, she told me about other grants and scholarships that were available. All I had to do was apply and if all else failed there was the risky option of taking out a loan. But before I did that, I went ahead and waited to hear back from FASFA. While waiting, I went ahead and starting building a profile on a website called Fastweb that helped students apply for scholarships through essay writing. As a back-up plan, I sat down with my husband to start working out a budget for out of pocket expenses. We decided that if none of the aid funded in my favor, we would use our yearly tax return to cover the cost of my courses and materials.
Finally, all I had to do was find childcare. I began looking for facilities that were available at night during my school hours. My son, David, was four years old and my daughter, Summer-Rae, was just six months. I needed a facility that I could...

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667 words - 3 pages ? Again, be it one way or the other, it doesn't matter. Let's take for example that the scientist believed that something was there, his/her belief must have been based on evidence. How else then could they have thought about it? Yet that evidence in return, before being discovered, was based on belief and so on. It is all a cycle indeed. One cannot say which came first. The beginning of things will always be an unknown if humanity keeps searching

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772 words - 3 pages fighting one would have to stop the cycle. Everyone in the family would have to forget passed events and start all over, from the beginning. Yet because no such thing as completely forgetting exists, someone would again do a misdeed that would spark the fighting chain. The world is a sphere which rotates without stopping. Once it stops, the cycle of never ending cause and effect keeps on going. As a new begging takes place, the cycle would

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1022 words - 4 pages kind Pip that the reader saw in the beginning of the novel begins to show himself again. After his meeting Magwitch again, he finds out that Magwitch is still being chased. He kindly helps Magwitch attempt to escape, even though he could have refused him. When Magwitch eventually dies, the reader also sees Pip become a little sad. The reader realizes that maybe he's not the cold, hard person that he seems to have become. The reader again sees

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679 words - 3 pages of the privates acted differently. Private Drury could barely bring himself to kill prisoners, while Private Murdy did not hesitate when he was ordered to open fire. When Private Drury was given the order to open fire by Corporal Foster he hesitated. "No, no.----I won't do it"¦." (March 129). He hesitated since the beginning of the prisoner massacre. On the other hand, Private Murdy was looking forward to it. He enjoyed it so much

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549 words - 2 pages feeling of a mood change. At the beginning the words sound beautiful, but then in the end the word start sound sneaky like a poisonous snake. He does this through word painting, making the s’ sounds in the second stanza seem stealthy. Following those two stanzas, he again uses word painting in the stanza, “E piu sorda e piu fera e piu fugace.” At the beginning of the stanza the music is stealthy, then becomes untamed and wild, leading to a rise in

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911 words - 4 pages started to worry about Banquo getting suspicious of him and being that the witches told Banquo in the beginning one of his descendants would get the throne, Macbeth couldn't risk that happening. Thats when he had Banquo and his son Fleance murdered. When news came back to him telling him that Banquo was killed, but Fleance ran away. He began to worry again because Fleance could come back and take the throw just as the wyrd sisters had said would

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1993 words - 8 pages . Returning to the beginning of the book, one more major issue with sequencing becomes apparent. When the book introduces eighth notes – whose rhythmic values in relation to other notes, once again, are not reviewed – it has the students playing swung eighth notes almost immediately (the third exercise involving eighth notes includes swing rhythms). This is potentially problematic, as starting to swing eighth notes before establishing an internalization of

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958 words - 4 pages beginning, hoping over and over again for his fortunes to change and his dreams to come true; the Maud Gonne inŸuence in the poem is once again prevalent.   To the Rose Upon the Rood of Time illustrates several of Yeats' main concerns during his early work: Maud Gonne, mythology and other worlds and the fallibility of man. This poem uses these as central themes rather than brief, vague references, and is consequently a good example of his use of themes and concerns in his early poetry.  

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594 words - 2 pages Recurring events show great significance and elucidate the truth beneath appearances. In The Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne chooses the scaffold scenes to show powerful differences and similarities. Each scaffold scene foreshadows the next and brings greater understanding of the novel. By beginning with the first, continuing with the middle, and ending with the last platform scene, we can gain a better understanding of this masterpiece.At

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716 words - 3 pages . His family raised him the same as his other brothers and sisters and they turned out fine. Robby just made all the wrong choices. The second beginning clearly tries to show us that maybe Robby was to blame for being thrown in prison. The story of how Robby is treated in prison again does not relate to the story directly. We know he went to jail. What does it matter what happened in jail? We don't even know why Robby went there in the first place

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816 words - 3 pages of this novel is disappointing because it completely ignores how much Huck has changed and matured. It concentrates on Tom's games and turns Huck around again. Throughout the novel Huck was searching for himself, and just as he found himself, he ignores himself and becomes a follower again. He then goes back with his aunt and plans on being "civilized", which he doesn't like. Huck takes a journey through life in a big circle. This novel ends with the beginning.

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563 words - 2 pages that he no longer trusts the man who was he best friend at the beginning of the play. Then, only a short time later and after seeing the ghost of Banquo, who he had murdered, Macbeth’s personality one again changes. He becomes terrified and fearful and feels insecure and guilty about Banquo’s death. He tells that ghost that it ‘canst not say I did it’, meaning that it cannot prove that Macbeth had anything to do with his murder. After Macbeth

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