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Rafael SchottThe Rise of Islam1) When Muhammad was around the age of 40, overnight he heard when a voice called him while he meditated. This voice was of the Angel Gabriel who told Muhammad he was a messenger of the God. Muhammad came to believe that the God who spoke to him was Allah and that he was the last of the prophets. Muhammad then began teachings of Allah and that Allah was the only God and all others must be abandoned. Muhammad continued his teachings, but as he went to Mecca to gain more supporters he failed. Some of his followers were killed and nine years later he left Mecca and went to Medina. This travel for Muhammad was called the Hijrah it was the turning point. Muhammad gained tons of followers at Medina he became a leader to the people. Muhammad decided he would go back to Mecca and the Muslims and Meccans fought against one and other. In 630 Muhammad and his 10,000 followers entered Mecca. This was his greatest victory and now he unified the entire Arabian Peninsula under Islam.2) The main teachings of Islam are taught in the holy book of the Muslims, the Qur'an. A teaching of Islam is that there is one God (Allah) and all other practices or beliefs are from his teachings. The Muslims are taught that there is good and evil and each person is responsible for his or her actions. The Islam religion believes that when you die Allah shall decide if you will be going to heaven or hell. The Five Pillars are very important to a Muslim all believers have to do their five duties. These duties are the Five Pillars of Islam. Faith is the first pillar a person must have faith in their religion and to become a Muslim you must say "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah." And you shall believe in this statement. The Second Pillar is Prayer, this signifies that you must pray five times a day, they may assemble at a mosque or a house of worship,...

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Introduction of Islam Essay

1229 words - 5 pages Introducing IslamIntroductionIslam is one of the major religion in the world, its monotheism or believes in a single God. The original language of Islam is Arabic. Islam is the Arabic word and it means peace or submission. Muslims are the followers of Islam, The meaning of the Muslim is a person who submit him for the will of God. In 622A.D Islam was founded and the Muhammad the prophet was the founder of it, but according to some Muslims faith

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1734 words - 7 pages Quran itself accorded the approving title of Ahl al-Kitab, or Peoples of the Books, that is the Old and the New Testaments. This Quranic title granted the two religious groups a status of peaceful accommodation among Muslims. Without compromising its insistence on strict monotheism, Islam, from its very beginning, sought coexistence. It was good theology and sensible politics when the Quran ordered La Ikraha Fid-deen, that is, “No Coercion

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833 words - 3 pages Doctrine of the Original Sin: God had condemned mankind because of the sin of Adam and Eve, which was consequently inherited by their children. Islam denies the whole Doctrine of the Original Sin, believing God did not condemn mankind because a sin was committed by a couple at the beginning of time. Some believe that Christianity and Islam have nothing in common. On the contrary, these two religions have more in common than most people, both

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1677 words - 7 pages Wallace D. Fard Wallace D. Fard, a door-to-door silk salesman, established the Nation of Islam (NOI) in Detroit, at the beginning of the Great Depression. He spread his message of salvation and self-determination throughout Detroit's black neighborhoods. He held the first meetings in people's homes, but the movement soon grew too big and Fard rented halls for his gatherings. Far from adhering to strict Islamic law, the Nation under Fard was

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659 words - 3 pages Islamic World, because of the prevalence of Islam there. It is a complex region of sorts, which includes such ethnic backgrounds as Arabs, Africans, Turks, Kurds, Asians, and Caucasians as well. It started out in Mecca, and has grown at an exponential rate to all places of the world. It is the fastest growing religion on the globe today.From the beginning, the Middle East was the meeting place for many different cultures. As early as the 600s A.D


810 words - 4 pages The Quran is the holy book of Islam that teaches Islam is the continued faithful religion in the same line as the prophets who were known as Muhammad. The Quran is in Arabic, which is supposed to be the last message from the God to mortality. In chapter 2 it mainly talks about of what people in Islam should believe and have faith and how they must do good deeds to be better people before God. In fact, they also mention to the scriptural stories

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814 words - 3 pages cities in Palestine. On the other hand, the Arabian Peninsula which is the birthplace of Islam had comparatively fewer cities hence Islam was mainly spread in the rural areas (281). The modes of expansion used by the two religions also differed. In the beginning, Christians used missionaries to spread their influence while at the same time preaching the words of the bible and living by example in order to bring more adherents to Christ.Islam on

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1972 words - 8 pages beginning of Islam as a religion. During the years in Medina, Islam grew quickly and it had followers migrating to this city from all over Arabia. There had been two important wars between the Quraysh tribe and Muslims which are known as Badr in 624 and Uhud in 625. Finally in 630, Prophet Mohammad and almost 10,000 followers entered Mecca without any resistance from the Quraysh tribe. All the idols in Ka'bah were destroyed and it was used for the

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1323 words - 5 pages gained many followers, and the basic rules of Islamic practice were created. Islam became very structured, and gained incredible followings in the Arab world. Many Arabs immediately accepted Islam because of the belief that they were gods chosen people. This led to some of the powerful Islamic Empires (Mirskii, 16).There are several key events during the Roman Empire, and the beginning of the middle ages that have helped these religions succeed

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2150 words - 9 pages Islam is a religion far from my understanding. Actually, I have to admit, with the little bit of information I do have, I find it to be an aggressive religion and one that I would not be interested in learning about. Of course, initially I think of that solemn day – September 11, 2001. I lay partial blame for that horrific day on the followers of the Islam religion. However, I also realize that bitterness detains growth. If I am to continue to

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4110 words - 16 pages What is Islam? Islam is an Arabic word, which means Submission to the Will of God. A Muslim therefore, is one who submits to the will of God. Islam is based upon two basic principles. The first principle is that there is none worthy of worship except God, who is absolutely unique and transcendent. The second principle is that Muhammad is the final messenger of God, who was sent to all of mankind. Islam is not new religion, but a continuation

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1044 words - 4 pages right to think and believe as they choose. No one else can impose upon her what she should believe. She must, of her own free will, decide what to believe." ( Islam proclaims that women and man are equal. Since the beginning of Islam women and men had the same status. In Islam it is a religious obligation and is instilled in the lifestyle they live. In the Qur'an Allah grants men and women equal rights, and these rights should

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673 words - 3 pages Origins of the Islamic Religion in the United States The beginning of Islam in the United States can be traced to the earliest days of the slave trade. While many of the slaves brought to America practiced traditional African religions, many of the slaves from West Africa were predominately Muslim. In fact a significant number of black Africans brought to North America during the slave

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1869 words - 7 pages India in the beginning of 8th century. It was named with an Arabic name ‘Sindh’ (Metcalf 3). By means of time the indigenous people who were in the Indus River valley side were converted into Muslims with the emergence of Muslim local kingdoms.Then along with the Arabic conquest, another wave of conquest hit the India, which was spearheaded by Turkish conqueror Muhammad of Ghor in 11th century resulted in increase of Islam strength (Metcalf6).This

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576 words - 2 pages Nowadays, there are two religions that are proposed for the agenda: Islam and Buddhism. Islam, the Religion of Submission to God, is the youngest of the major religions of the world. It is the dominant religion of the third-world nations of the Middle East and Africa and the second largest of the world's religions with about one billion followers (25% of the world population). On the other hand, Buddhism, conquering of passions, began in India