Beginning To The Great Alaskan Race

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In 1925 a diphtheria epidemic broke out in the small Alaskan town of Nome. With the town at the risk of death they urgently needed an antiserum. So twenty dogs sled teams relayed the serum from the town of Nenana to Nome. The hardships of the dogs and mushers went through along with the hero dogs, and teams of mushers and dogs will forever be alive in Alaskan history.This journey is a gratifying accomplishment and a proud moment in Alaskan history.
There were twenty teams of dogs varying from seven dogs to twenty-three dogs with a total of over a hundred dogs running from town to town carrying a life saving serum to the people of Nome. These teams of dogs carried the antiserum from ...view middle of the document...

They encountered petrifyingly low temperatures combined with eighty mile per hour winds.The twenty brave dog sled teams passed the serum along the horrifying Alaskan winter to save the perishing people of Nome.
Dogs of the 1925 Serum Run are basically heroes to the people of Nome. Everyone of the hundreds of dogs of the twenty teams are also a heroes, but they aren’t usually acknowledged because they aren’t as popular as Togo and Balto. Every site online about the 1925 Serum Run all have the story of Balto, hero to the people of Nome, but he wasn’t the only lead dog that risked his life.Togo the lead dog of Richard Seppala’s team had been running as lead for sixteen years before the serum run. him and Scotty lead the team of siberian huskies the farthest at a total of two hundred, sixty-one miles. They ran through raging winds of about sixty-five miles per hour. They also ran across sea ice that could’ve shifted at anytime leaving them stranded with the serum. The story of Togo is another more popular story, but the story of the other lead dogs aren’t told often. The story of Dixie an eight year old malamute is often skipped. She lead the same team for two different mushers one after the other. She ran for the Noller brothers: Edgar and George.She ran twenty-four miles for Edgar and right after that she ran eighteen more for George. Another lead dog that is often skipped is Prince. Prince ran lead for Bill Mcarty. He lead the team twenty-eight miles through a blizzard in a temperature that was forty degrees below or colder. The final lead dog that is already seen as a hero is the story of Balto. Balto, the lead dog of Gunnar Kaasen’s team was originally from Richard Seppala’s kennel and was not supposed to be a lead dog. Balto was a siberian husky that lead the team of siberian huskies on the fifty-one mile run from Bluff to Nome. Balto lead the team of huskies through eighty mile per hour winds. But most importantly he was named a hero by the people of Nome because he saved a musher. Balto died on March 14th, 1933 at the age of fourteen. His body is now in a museum in Ohio and there is a statue of him in New York The dogs of the Serum run were heroes and often some of them aren’t recognized. Dogs like Dixie, Prince, Togo, and Balto should be recognized as heroes.

The dogs and mushers went through extreme condition that Alaskan winter....

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