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Behavior analysis theory helps people to understand how human being function within the existences of the humanity people live in. Behavioral analysis applied to individuals within a spacious sort of families, schools, workplaces, residential areas, and cultures. Behavior analysis has assisted individual to develop academic knowledge and science. A variety of training and professional accomplishments. The principles of applied behavior analysis, ABA focus on behavioral intervention for youngsters diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder. Autistic children have difficulty learning basic skills and required specialized therapy to acquire normal everyday skills.
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This reinforcement will teach him to write his information down, which begins by evaluating his level of capability in the schoolroom. If he turns away to throw the crayon, then initial reward occurs after the element occurs. His desire response occurs through the determining principle of applied behavior analysis. The ABC’s model asks him to record, a succession of events in terms of activating, beliefs, and outcomes. According to Wade and Tavris (2012), In the stimulus discrimination, his different responses are made to stimuli that resemble the conditioned stimulus in some manner. In extinction, his condition stimulus is repeatedly presented without the unconditioned stimulus, and conditioned response eventually disappears, simply it may reappear. In the stimulus generalization, after a stimulus becomes a conditioned stimulus for some answers; however, other similar stimuli may produce the same response (Wade & Tavris, 2012). According to Skinner analysis (Kaplan, 2014), reinforcement strengthens or increases the probability of a response, and punishment weakens or decreases the probability of a reaction. The reinforcement and punishment may be optimistic or negative; even if, it depends on whether the consequences require a stimulus. The continuous reinforcement leads to the most rapid learning; still though, intermittent reinforcement makes a response resistant to extinction, which accounts for superstitious rituals. In this case study, shaping is used to train behavior with a low chance of coming about spontaneously. Punishment will be utilized properly, which can discourage undesirable behavior. Sometimes, punishment is not used correctly due to anger, emotional or fear. The instructor and classroom assistant will use removal of a desirable action, which can be utilized to lessen or prevent undesirable behavior in the schoolroom.
This a single subject designed for an eight year old male who suffer autism with aggressive behavior towards others. My participant is an eight year old male autism with aggressive behavior in the schoolroom. He now...

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