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Behavior Change Theories And Strategies Essay

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To begin with,a health practisioner may fascilate behaviour change in an individual with a health

risk behaviour through the application of different behaviour change theories and strategies.

In general,health risk behaviours are actions which may threaten an individual's health causing

negative effects(Barkway,2009).Until the mid 20th century,global health threats were primarily a

result of infectious and communicable diseases.However,recently in developed countries,health

threats are now posed by diseases in which lifestyle play a role in the causation and or

management of illness.For instance,the modifiable risk factors for coronary heart disease,a

leading cause of disease burden are tobacco smoking,high blood pressure and high colesterol

level which are eventually related to health behaviour and lifestyle(Barkway,2009).

This essay will first introduce the health risk behaviour,in this case,smoking.Secondly,it will

decribes the theories or models of behaviour change, which are thecognitive and non cognitive

theories, transtheoritical model of behaviour change and motivational interwiewing.Lastly,it will

mention the different health strategies and how it aids in bringing about behaviour change

followed by the conclusion.

Jones(as cited in Jons and Creedy,2008) states that large proportion of the morbidity and

mortality associated with lifestyle diseases is preventable.It is also estimated that 25 % of all

cancer deaths and a large propotion of deaths from coronory heart disease and stroke could be

prevented by modifying just one behaviour,that is,cigratte smoking(Taylor as cited in Jons and

Creedy,2008).In addition,Allen(as cited in Jons and Creedy,2008) states that, because the

nicotene in tobacco is highly addictive,smoking is difficult to eliminate.

Some health programmes can impose benefits on people without them having to change their
own behaviour,for example,the provision of clean water.However,many preventative projects
require some behavioural change on the part of the patient.Unless frontline health professional
have the skills to assist in that behaviour change,the goals of the program may be thwarted.
(Gillam,Yates,Badrinath,2007).Likewise,for behaviour change,simply telling people what is
good for them is not an effective stratergy.Four pre conditions are necessary for behaviour
change to take place whicha are:one must want to change, believe one can change,believe
change will have the desired effect and know how to change(Gillam,Yates,Badrinath,2007).An
individuals subjective norms,attitudes,self efficacy,peer support and education too influence
behaviour change(Commonwealth government of Australia,2010).
The health psycology thereby, presents physological theories and models derived from theories

to hypotheise and explain and predict behaviour and show how behaviour under observation is

enacted.These ultimately result in...

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