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Behavior Development In Violence Essay

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Behavior Development in ViolenceThirteen innocent lives had been taken from Littleton, Colorado's high school in April 1999. Many more lives could have been taken, but why did two young teens commit suicide after killing twelve fellow students and an inspiring teacher? "Coach Sanders, I love you and I will miss you," senior Amber Burgess told the crowd. "I know that each day your memory will push me to become a better person and live my life to its fullest." ( Although the reasons for such an act can not be explained, one certain factor that leads to the cause is the social imbalance of how the two teens felt: isolation, embarrassment, mockery, and hurt.Violence originated in a school environment, affecting the young teens' mental health, academic achievement, and overall socialization and adaptation. Many violent cases usually result from the earlier stages in school, where smaller amounts of violence contribute to a more serious violent act later in the person's life. Kicking, hitting, spitting, or name calling are some of the exposures that elementary kids experience early in their lives that can cause them to act differently especially to his/her surroundings. Since he/she doesn't get along with others, he/she also may not do well behaviorally or academically in school, which also leads to a higher risk of violence in his/her young adulthood. In the middle-school environment, many more serious events might happen, such as: fighting, bullying, carrying weapons to school, assaults against students and staff, gang activity, and sexual harassment. Although homicide is a rare occurrence on school grounds, it is still liable to happen, but can we prevent it in any way possible? For any child to experience this violence can induce fear and anxiety.Violence in school has gotten statistically worse with physical assault being the most reported. School setting has an increased amount of exposure to violence. About 70-80% of the students say they have experienced violence in their schools in the past year. They also say that they see more violence at school than at home or in their neighborhoods. One in three children have reported that they have been hit at school, but one in ten reported being beaten up or assaulted. One in five students have reported that they have carried a weapon to school in fear that they might get hurt and one in twenty have reported skipping at least a day in the following year if they did not feel that school would not be safe. A child that has been bullied has a higher chance than a normal individual to feel more insecure, anxious, and lonely at an older age. Although violence is mostly seen in school, a majority of the students are not victimized by violence.In 1992 to 1994, a study examining school-related violent deaths on or around the school area found that most of the deaths homicidal (about 85 of 105 cases), while the other twenty were suicidal. Most of the...

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