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Behavior Managments Strategies In Early Childhood A Case Study

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Teachers face several challenges while teaching young children. One of the major challenges teachers need to adjust to while teaching in the early years of schooling is to be able to effectively manage the behavior of students in a classroom setting (Porter 2007). Teachers need to have realistic expectations of the appropriate behaviors that students can display in the classroom to ensure that effective and conducive learning takes place. Therefore, it can be seen that behavior management is an extremely imperative aspect in both the life of the teachers and students.One of the major tasks of the early childhood years is to learn positive and socially acceptable ways of interacting with others. As much of this learning occurs within the context of the peer group, positive peer interactions make a substantial contribution to children's social and emotional development (Whittmer & Honing 1994).As discussed in assignment one, intervention is certainly required to assist Martin in developing the social skills he needs to modify his behavior and to start building relationships with his classmates if Martin is unable to establish these relationships he risks having feelings of rejection and lack of achievement which in turn can lead to feeling of low self worth, which only further add to Martin's already evident social skills deficit.This assignment will discuss the concept of self control by first highlighting the importance of self control, discuss general strategies that could assist a child such as Martin in developing self control, secondly I will further develop this concept of self control by identifying two specific skills that I would like to assist Martin to develop to enable him to have better mange his feelings and emotions when face with the situation of not being able to have something he wants and finally ways in which I would collaborate with Martin's parents to ensure Martin's parents are aware of the problems Martin is facing at school, ways in which the problem is being addressed and discuss ways in which they can be involved in helping Martin to learn this new skill.Self control is an important for all children to learn. It refers to having power or control over one's own actions. It also means that an individual knows right from wrong (Eckman 1998). Children who do not make choices for their own behavior, but instead rely on other children, parents, teachers or adults to guide their behavior for them do not learn self-control. These children may follow others' bad choices become involved in ridiculing others, taking away others' things and not taking responsibility for the consequences of their behaviour (Porter 2003). The skill of self control will allow Martin to understand that the right thing to do is to be aware his behaviour in the classroom and the impact it is having on his and his classmate's ability to equally participate in the classroom (Eckman 1998).Often young children are easily upset when their needs or wishes...

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