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Behavior Of Brine Shrimp In Habitat Selection Introduction: This Experiment

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Behavior of Brine Shrimp in Habitat Selection Introduction: This experiment was developed primarily to find the optimal or preferred living conditions of adult brine shrimp. In this lab 3 variables were tested in different degrees to determine which the shrimp prefer. The different variables were light, ph, and temperature. From outside resources I have found that brine shrimp can survive in temperatures ranging from 4° Celsius to 40° Celsius with an optimal temperature of 20°-25°. So I hope to reinforce this research by testing its validity in the lab. From another outside source brine shrimp display positive photo taxis, which means that they are attracted to light. And finally from my last outside source I have found information that suggests brine shrimp prefer a ph of 7-9 and will die if placed in a solution of salinity higher than 10 and less that 5 for longer periods of time. This lab is important because it is a fairly easy experiment to test and find behavioral traits of a simple organism. Even though from research I was able to find the data that is to be tested in this lab it is important to actually prove the results as they may be incorrect for this population of brine shrimp. So for this lab I am trying to find out what environment brine shrimp prefer to live in and what they don't prefer to live in, and possible what they are unable to live in. I expect that the results of this lab will be fairly similar to the information stated above, but not totally the same. I believe that like most organisms these brine shrimp will prefer to live in the middle of environmental extremes.Abstract: Materials and Methods: Materials: -Adult Brine shrimp -4 Plastic Hose Clamps -50 ml graduated cylinder -1 meter of tygon tubing -1 Syringe -2 hose plugs -Paper towel -7 sheets of mesh screen -2 plastic zip-lock bags -Ice -Hot plate -500ml beaker of water -Thermometer -4 25ml test tubes -.1m HCL -.1m NaOH -Ph paper Control: For the control of the experiment we took our tygon tubing and spread it out on the table and taped both ends down and corked one end. Because our tubing was longer than 1 meter we evenly divided the tubing into 4 26cm sections with the hose clamps. We then scooped up approximately 50ml of brine shrimp from the holding tank into a graduated cylinder. We then proceeded to suck up all of the water from the cylinder with a syringe and put them into the tubing, when the tubing was full we corked the open end so that there was no air bubbles and the system would be sealed. Then we placed paper towel over the entire tube so that every section was given equal light and there would be no variance between the different sections and waited for 20 minutes for the shrimp to disperse themselves. We only waited 20 minutes instead of 30 because time was not permitting us to wait the extra 10 minutes. After the 20 minutes were up we closed the clamps and proceeded to count the brine shrimp in the each section and we then recorded our...

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