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Behavioral Aspects Of Project Management. Essay

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To a lesser degree, a company's organizational structure can get in the way of, or help support, the overall success of a project. Culture, on the other hand, is not easily changed. Culture can take years for a large organization to develop a culture of excellence.Some organizational structures can definitely impair one's ability to deliver projects. One's organizational structure may also impede the ability to share resources. For instance, if a project team needs a resource with a specific expertise; one may not be able to easily share that person with another functional area. Some of this is also related to the company's culture.A number of organizational factors support or inhibit the ability of the project managers (PM) to be successful. Granted, culture is a broad term, but the organizational culture plays the biggest role in whether a project manager will be able to deliver projects successfully.Organizational structure can also help or hinder a project manager's success rate. The structure can determine how well the manager focuses on projects and how easy it is to share resources between organizations. If one attacks the broader cultural problems, there will be a positive effect on many of the organizational barriers to success as well.PART AThe project leader is concerned with project management; such as budget, schedule, resource planning, external conducts, and team motivation. The PM is responsible for process observance and contributes to system analysis and structure. A project leader will only run one major project at a time. A project leader must possess personality attributes: decisive, communicative, team player, able to guide and mentor others, stress resistant, taking initiative, and taking responsibility (ABB 2005).The role of a project leader is important in completing the success of a project. The role goes hand and hand with the employees' responsibilities and the other management teams to achieve a common goal, a project. Project leaders plan, organize, and dictate information to the team continually. A PM provides an outline to help lead research and analysis. It is also important for a project manager to know how to multi-task. It is vital to know how to meet all needs at once at a given time.A dysfunctional team can affect a project leader's productivity and leadership skills. A chaotic work environment is not the optimal setting to have when trying to complete a project. A project leader's role will not change, but work will increase. It will kick the role of a project leader up a notch. Project leaders must sometimes pick up the pieces of what someone left behind to get the team back on track.When entering an unfamiliar team that has existing problems, a project manager must tackle the most important things first. In this case that would be the team's morale; a team can not function successfully if the team's morale is low. Some steps to bringing up the morale of the team might be to offer team building activities,...

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