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"By justifying one’s behavior, even when it is in contrast to strongly held values, that behavior becomes ingrained and can lead to a mindset or decision logic that will ultimately lead down the wrong path," a quote from Joseph C. Kale, Jr. that I find to be circumstantial at best. I myself have a hard time seeing this quote holding true in many circumstances. Along with the lack of relation that I see, the rhetorical devices used by the author of the stated quote in his article, “VALUES - THE GREAT COMMON DENOMINATOR,” destroy his argument that this is an ingrained behavior. He states in his article as a fact, that “It is pretty common knowledge that we learn our values, what is ‘right and wrong’, early in life sometime between 3 and 6 years of age.” This quote tells me that he believes theses ethical decisions are already made for us by values ingrained in us at an early age, a point that is counter-intuitive to how he states that a behavior opposite of these values is ingrained over time. These conflicting ideas destroy the logical appeal that the author attempts to make, demeaning his credibility on the subject.
Aside from the awful use of rhetoric in this piece by Joseph C. Kale, I feel as though the behavior is not one that is ingrained or caused by previous bad decisions, but is dependent on the circumstances of each individual decision. The example of Barry, who cheated all through school and in the work place may not be a case of ingrained behavior at all, but rather a lack of his parents and other peers to teach him the value of being honest. If he cheated all through school he probably learned early on around ages 3-6 that dishonesty brings rewards and his system of personal values was opposite of what is considered ethical all along. I do not feel that the author has sufficient evidence to back his claim that these behaviors lead to...

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