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Behavioral Trends In Business Essay

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There are so many instances in life where ethics play a major role in decisions that business's and we make. Ethics also can determine the way companies use technology to make decisions and determine the level of stress that is imposes within an organization. Ethical decision making processes take place mostly when conclusions are reached that directly effect people, but what are ethics? The Random House-Webster¹s Dictionary of Modern English defines ethics as: The branch of philosophy dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of actions and the goodness and badness of motives and ends. This paints a pretty clear picture of what it means to make ethical decisions.When employees in organizations make decisions to act unethically, they affect not only the company itself, but also its shareholders, employees and customers. Employees make a myriad of choices every day in businesses -- if unethical, they can damage a company's productivity, profits and reputation. Unethical decisions can come in many forms: the employee who conducts personal business on company time to the line worker who fails to report a product flaw just to meet a deadline, and even more serious, the manager who profits from illegal use of insider stock information. All these incidents lack ethics. In most companies today, the competitive advantage rests on the shoulders of its employees. These employees must be trusted to "do the right thing", especially when no one is looking. It is up to HR to train, educate and communicate with employees on what is considered to be right and wrong in the workplace. After all, ethics is one topic that begins and ends with people.This sounds like if you just follow your conscience then it would be fairly easy to come up with the right verdict. Managers can take two paths which when formatting decisions. The first of these are programmed decisions, which are routine, repetitive, well structured situations through the use of predetermined decision rules. When we begin to get into Non programmed decisions we can see that as situations become random and ill structured they seek the advise of upper levels of management. A rational model tells us that when managers make decisions, no matter how random they may be, that they have all the information fully and most importantly that they understand it properly.The increase in technology associated with workplace production has increased the stress level for workers. This is according to a survey conducted and prepared in 1999 by Braun Research, Inc. for Kensington Technology Group as a part of an ongoing study on workplace technology and stress (Technology, 1999). Kensington Technology Group released the survey results on August 11, 1999 as a press release...

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