"Behind Every Great Man There Is A Great Woman" Written In Research Writing Class. Three Pages With Works Cited. Developement Of Woman From Pre 1920 Till Now

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Behind Every Great Man is a Great WomanThe cultural component of everyday life does not mirror how life was years ago. If a person knows his history, then he can trace it back to the times of slavery, the Holocaust, or that of the Native Americans. What has come from these cultures are some very important marks of growth. Not only has slavery been stopped and segregation ceased, but the Jewish are no longer persecuted and the Native Americans are not forced off their lands. Just as these cultures have changed through the years, so has the role of women in society. Women's suffrage ended the idea that a woman's place is only in the kitchen. Women's rights have been changed for the better in the last century, since women gained the right to vote, the ability to hold property, and to e able to sue and be sued.Back in the19th century, a woman's role was very different from today. She had no legal rights, because she was primarily the caregiver of the house and the children. Most women were denied their full citizenship rights. A women's voice was never heard in the court room. "In case of divorce on account of adultery in the husband, the innocent wife is held to possess no right to children or property, unless by special decree of the court" (National Woman Suffrage Association). Sometimes, they were never even given a trial in the first place. Also, women did not receive an equal amount of pay as men did. Some were forced to live a life of shame and starvation, because gender decided the position and pay and not the quality of the work.It was known that in a few states a woman was allowed to hold property and even a profit business in her own name. This however, was not the case in all states. Some states were also known to let a woman testify in court against her husband, even sue and be sued. But in no states was the wife able to defend herself, nor was she able to claim any of the joint earnings.In 1887, Elizabeth Stanton made a speech that helped women everywhere get full citizenship rights. She was one of the most important woman advocates. In part of her opening statement, Stanton mentioned that "we cannot forget, even in this glad hour, that while all men of every race, and clime, and condition, have been invested with the full rights of citizenship under our hospitable flag, all women still suffer the degradation of disfranchisement" (National Woman Suffrage Association). Stanton wanted the equalization of men and women to be more than words and for...

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