Behind Every Great Man There Is A Powerful Woman (Athena And Pilate)

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Behind Every Great Man There is a Powerful Woman (Athena and Pilate)
Its not very often do you see books that date back a thousand years that have a female character as an extremely important roll. This is not the case in the two wonderful books The Odyssey and Song of Solomon. Both books have many fairly important characters but only a few that could almost be considered the most important characters. One of those characters in The Odyssey is Athena and in Song of Solomon it is Pilate. Athena and Pilate have much more in common than it seems, They are more than just guides to the main characters of each book, they are also very important female rolls and outliers among their time.
Athena and Pilate are obviously guides in each book, Athena to Odysseus and Pilate to Milkman. There are some differences in how they guide these men though their adventures. Athena has more of a direct approach in that she, more or less, physically helps Odysseus in his times of need. Athena saves Odysseus from being swept away at sea on his makeshift raft, disguises him so that he can sneak around people that will call him out and in places he doesn’t belong or is not allowed. She also helps him defeat the suitors by giving him the upper hand in the battle. Pilate is more of a spiritual guide to Milkman since she is not able to talk to him on his trip or physically help him. She guides him in a way that he knows what to do because of her being in his life and teaching him how to go about things. Needless to say both books would be entirely different without Athena and Pilate. Without these characters, Odysseus and Milkman would not have made it to their destination.
Both characters have godlike characteristics even though Athena actually is a god and Pilate is not. Athena helps Odysseus with her godly powers by not being there physically next to him, she is there in a godly manner. Athena is a god of warfare and disguise; she brings both to light by making Odysseus the ultimate hero in The Odyssey. Pilate probably wishes she had godly powers but she unfortunately does not. She instead helps Milkman by being a moral and supportive person. Pilate compares to Athena in the sense that she is seen to be inhumanly strong, youthful, loving and selfless. On a side not; Pilate was born without a navel, this can be seen many different ways, one way that compares to a god is Jesus. Not being sent through humanly intercourse to be brought to life. To get back on track; Pilate was humanly born but the lack of a belly button makes symbolizes her independence from her mother and that there was no tie between them throughout life. She did not need her mother to support her in the womb nor in life, which, again, shows her strength.
During the times The Odyssey and Song of Solomon were written women did not play a large...

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