Behind The Magic: Who Is Behind The Magic Of Disney?

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Many people know about or have heard about a magical place called Disney World. Children dream about this wonderful world filled with their favorite movie characters and dream of going to meet them in person. Disney World is a place where kids can be kids, and adults can feel like kids again. What people do not think about most often, when they think about this magical place, is the people behind the magic, or the person who made the dream alive for us to experience.
Before there was the idea of Disney World, there was Disneyland. Disneyland started as a dream but the dream became a reality, thanks to a man named Walt Disney. The idea of Disneyland began in 1951 when Walt met a movie art director, Harper Goff, who started to sketch out Walt’s ideas for the theme park. Walt Disney was all about making dreams come true and taking storytelling from two dimensions and making them into three dimensions. His idea was for visitor to feel as if they stepped into a movie when they stepped into Disneyland (The Imageneers 11). Walt states in his 1952 proposal for Disneyland that “[He wants visitors to feel] like Alice stepping through the Looking Glass, to step through the portals of Disneyland will be like entering another world” (Dunlop 25). With sketches drawn and Walt’s ideas becoming a closer reality, he chose a group of movie-makers from his studio to help him design and develop his new theme park. This group of people became known as, Disney’s Imagineers. Walt wanted one thing from his Imagineers, as he stated
all I want you to think about is when people walk through or have access to anything
you design, I want...

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